Thursday, July 26, 2012

What to eat when you come home from vacation

Happy Turdsday!!!

Yeah yeah I know, I still find it funny. Some days my sense of humor rivals that of a 13 year old boy.

Anywho, we got back very late Sunday evening from a little jaunt to Las Vegas.  A long time friend of the Hubsters was getting married so we decided to tag along.  You know because they'll need a witness or two and all.  I know I know the sacrifice is amazing, right??!!   Actually since Courts wedding we really needed some adults having fun time alone. Besides we've had a lot of company (which I loved) but I kind of needed a break and let someone else take care of me.   I shall bore you with a few photos before we get to the dinner idea.  What do you expect?  It IS my blog after all and I'm home all day by myself so I gotta tell somebody about the trip.  If I get any lip from you I'll just bore you with the remaining photos. bwah ha ha

The picture above is the view in one direction from our room.  It was a lovely view.

This is where we stayed. It was HUGE.  Seriously take your walking shoes if you stay there.
It was a very nice hotel though just kinda big.

I swear if this isn't the cutest dessert you have ever seen??
I only wish I had half the talent it takes to make these...AND in bulk.  We really meant to go back to get one to see if it tasted as good as it looked but we forgot.  Oh well, more reasons to go back!

Here is me and my lovely Hubster. We were about to see the Cirque Du Soleil KA show.
It was excellent!!!  Oh and in case you wonder if anyone actually wears anything they find and pin on Pinterest then the answer is YES.  Thanks Pinterest and whoever put that outfit together!
I know I know....the shoes are tooooooo cute!!!

Okie doke enough boring you peeps with my travel tales.  
If you are like me when you get ready to go out of town for a few days you make everyone eat everything that might possibly spoil while you are gone.  The up side of this is your refrigerator gets cleaned out and you don't have to grocery shop that week. The down side, when you get home there is nothing to eat.  Also if you go to Vegas the next day you are just bleary eyed and can't figure out what time it is, or where your bloody mary went and why hasn't someone come to make the bed and pick up the wet towels off the floor.  I'm very tidy at home but quite messy of a hotel guest.

Monday I managed to fumble my way to the freezer to see what I could dig out and lo' and behold I found some Mexican Chicken that I had put away.   You can find the ole' recipe by clicking right here. Now I've told you peeps time and time again to use that freezer to your advantage.   If you don't want to take the time to batch cook for the freezer that's ok  just take the leftovers you have and put them in the freezer after dinner.  Most of the time it's just Hubster and I so we have lots of leftovers.  He's a leftover fan so I have to sneak them away if I want to freeze any.  That's exactly where this Mexican Chicken came from.   It was frozen solid so I just let it unthaw all day in the container in the sink.
You know that way I could wash the 52nd load of laundry!!!

See it's all unthawed and I just dumped it into a pot on the stove.
(yes, you could use the microwave but I am personally anti-microwave. Gasp I know!!)

Now just heat that up nice and warm and while it is heating up you can go dig around in the refrigerator and find that you managed to leave some lettuce and it's still good!! Woohoo!!

Just put that nice warm meat on top of the lettuce.

Now I'm not really a ranch dressing fan. GASP yet again, huh??
I decided to take that ranch dressing and mix it with salsa.

Salsa Ranch dressing now. 

Now add some cheese and jalapenos (or not I mean it's your salad) to that meat.

Now pour that lovely Salsa Ranch dressing over the top.

It needs some more salsa now.  Hey salsa is free calories so no lip from the peanut gallery!

To make it really zip just squeeze a kind of dried up lime over the top of it and sit down, flip on the DVR and attempt to start watching the stuff that taped while you were gone.

Do you empty the refrigerator of everything before you leave town?  What does your family have to eat when you get back home and no one wants to make a trip to the grocery?
Come on leave me comments on this because I'm gonna need some new ideas!!

Peace, Love and Leftover Yummies!!!

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