Monday, September 13, 2010

Mexican Chicken, Dave Matthews Band and The Rangers!!

First things first...let's finish up the chicken cooking from last week

Let's make Mexican chicken, this stuff is so good and so easy!!  You can make chicken taco salads, you can make burritoes or taco's, you can make nachos.  Possibilities are endless!!!

You need the above ingredients and I sometimes add black olives and corn to this mixture.  And you need those handy little crockpots!!!   Just follow along with the pictures as this goes in crockpot in order

Chicken on the bottom, then undrained diced tomatoes

Undrained black beans go on next

next goes the undrained chili beans
(this is where you would add corn if using...I just forget mine)

a nice package of taco seasoning is next

next up is the green chili's and black olives (if using)

slap the lid on and flip the crockpot to low and forget about it for about 8 hrs 
Once again, watch the chicken if you are using breasts as 8 hrs is about max before it starts drying out. Once again I used boneless skinless thigh meat and this stuff cooked for prob 10 hours and stayed nice and moist

just shred up the chicken with two forks and you are ready to eat or do this

we are eating some of the freezer stuff this week because quite frankly...I'm a little tired of being in the kitchen so much  :0)   

Friday nite was quiet and we stayed in, good thing because the rest of the weekend was a blur!!

Saturday morning we did a few little chores around the house and then we left to go get new tennis shoes. Yep, we shopped for ourselves this time!!!    Went to Academy and spent a small fortune but I got new shorts and tshirts too.  (there is a nasty story involving my husband and my favorite pair of yard shorts and I will just say that only now have I forgiven him for what he did to my shorts... however, if he touches my khaki cargo pants there will be war!)   We then headed over to The Keller Pointe for a tour of the facility and to talk about fees to join. By the time we finished it was time to come home and start getting ready for the big Dave Matthews Band Concert!!  woohoooo!!!!!

On our drive over we stopped at this taco stand off of Inwood Dr. that is at a gas station. The BEST authentic taco's you will ever eat!!   This is my dinner

it was Barbacoa

this is Jeff's dinner
it is Pork and we ate our dinner from our laps in the car of the VIP parking lot at Center.

Because we were there to see this
and this
I simply LOVE Dave Matthews Band live!! True Musicians and we made some new friends who kindly took a picture of us having so much fun!

Yes I know.... I don't really look good with my hair pulled off my face (my momma done told me that a bazillion times) but it was stinking hot!!!  And yes, I probably needed some lipstick, my momma tells me that all the time too.  But we were having a big time!!!

After a very late night at the concert, we slept in a little on Sunday but decided to get up and head over to Keller Pointe, join and have a nice workout.  Then we realized we were meeting a friend to go to the Rangers game!!! whoop whoop   So we rushed home and changed and headed off. 

A SWEEP of the Yankees.   Only slightly disappointed because Josh Hamilton didn't play and neither did ARod (sorry I am an ARod fan..mostly because of my boy..the Abogg)  It was a great game and OMG I am not sure I have ever sweated that much in my life!! 

we did get a shot of the Abogg's other fave player, David Murphy, hanging in the outfield.

Another super fun adults only weekend....shhhhh, don't tell the kids but I think we are getting used to this!

I'll try to cook a little this week but in the meantime....

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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