Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's TuTu Tuesday again.....weekly plans

Peeps, it was a kinda busy but not really long weekend.  For a small portion of Saturday we had all three kids home.  Had hoped for all weekend with everyone but that's ok, we take what we can get!

Friday evening I cooked, which is unusual.  I have an aversion to cooking on Friday for some reason.  Anyway, the Abogg was home so the three of us had grilled London Broil, Fresh Corn, roasted potatoes.  It was yum.  I'd love to post pictures but the camera is messed up this morning and I reformatted the card and lost all the pics.  Sorry....but I'm sure I'll make again

Saturday....we bummed around the house most of the day until it was wedding time.  I posted my pics on FaceBook so if you want to see all of them, you can, otherwise this is what three of us look like all dressed up.

The other two in the family opted out of wedding festivities in favor of Cheddar's and the  "delightful" movie The Last Exorcism.   Doesn't that sound like a lovely evening for a big brother/little sis night??!!!  They had fun and that's all that matters and I left all the lights on upstairs.....just in case it was really scary.

I made regular pancakes and some gingerbread pancakes on Sunday morning....same camera issue btw.
Court had a couple of gingerbread pancakes before she headed out and I foodsavered up the remaining for her to take back, pop in the freezer, then toast up when she needed a gb pancake fix.   Everyone else ate the regular kind of pancakes. Except Kiss....she eats anything and everything!

Court and Aus headed back to Austin and the other two kiddos watched some tv, did some computering, and maybe a little bit of homework.  Mere bear had to head home later in the evening so we had a little dinner at Rosa's.  The kiddos have fully recovered from wisdom teeth extractions and were feeling the need for chips and salsa and mexican food.  I can sympathize with them, it takes awhile to resume eating tortilla chips...they get stuck in those holes really bad.  ugggghhhh

The Abogg made a few batches of salsa to take back with him. He assisted Sweet Gloria in making her Salsa on 4th of July and he's turned into a little salsa machine.  Note here....he took ALL the salsa.  hee hee

Monday was friends over day.  Chuck and Sue had some fish from a fishing excursion of Chuck's they were ready to use up so we decided fish tacos were the Labor Day feast.  It was really good peeps!! We fried them up just like the tilapia I made last week.  You have to scroll way down in the post but the  mix is there, it's super simple too!   Except the men fried the fish outside this time. Thanks guys...now my house doesn't need fumigating!  We had Chuck and Sue, Hill and baby Emi, MD and LL2 (freshly 16 and all), Frankie and LL, the Nickster, us and the Abogg.  A full house...my favorite kind of house!!!   So we had Fish Tacos with slaw, guacamole, salsa.  I made mexican beans and then we had MD and LL2's leftover 16th bday cake and homemade butterfinger ice cream.  We were soooo full and stuffed.  Watched some tv, played some video games fun day!!!  Then I topped the evening off with a couple of new episodes of Hoarders

In the event all my pics of food are gone... I thought I'd share with you my weekly To Do List.  I made up this list with the help of FlyLady.  The pics, logos, and general plan are her ideas alone, I just thank her for reminding me everyday what I need to do.

It's probably a little difficult to read but you get the idea.  Without FlyLady I'd wander aimlessly from chore to chore and never get much accomplished.  She keeps me motivated and on track.  Check out her site, sign up for her emails.  I promise you'll find her outlook on life a blessing on your own and you'll certainly never end up on the TV show I watched last night!  

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!!

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