Thursday, September 16, 2010

My name is Michelle and I'm an addict of.....

Boots and scarves!!!  hey, we all have our demons to battle!!
Yesterday I started picking through my closet because the donation truck comes by the house next week, well that and I found this Awesome Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt at the VS that I really really want.  I just don't want to pay $58 for it! HELLLOOOOOO it's a sweatshirt for pete's sake.  Anyway, I figured if I got rid of a bunch of stuff hubby would say "sure go ahead and get it".  Well he did but I didn't, it's still 58 DOLLARS!!! maybe I'll get a coupon.
Anywho back to my the process of purging I discovered two things about myself.
1) I absolutely LOVE boots!!!  I dunno why, I just do and here's proof

See those cute little brown ones on the far right, just got those last week for a bargain at Belk's and if it wasn't darn near 100 degrees around here I'd already be wearing them.

Oh and those spiffy rain boots, why my dear Hubby got those for me last weekend.  I have seriously looked at thousands of pairs of rain boots and finally had my heart set on these.  They are Sperry's and I lurve them  :0)

Don't even get me started on my purple rain prince boots!!

And no, I do not have enough. There are a pair of Frye's that I'm just aching for and also a pair of Luchese cowboy boots on my wish list.  Problem is those are both pricy boots but hey, a girl can dream.  I had my eye on those cowboy boots for two years before I finally got them. I'm a patient woman.

2) I feel the same way about SCARVES!  Seriously, I see a scarf and then find something to go with it.
    Yes, here is my midnight confession with this little addiction

see, scarves scarves scarves of all shapes, sizes and colors.
sad can't even see all of them because they are hanging from both sides. 
I know, I know there are people starving and I'm buying scarves!
moving on....don't you just love that handy little scarf hanger I picked up at Ikea?  It's just the bomb for hanging your scarves not to mention cheap.  I love Ikea too but my hubby tries to keep me away from there as much as possible.  He calls it "Home Depot" for women.  ☺   He's probably right!

So, what are you addicted to? C'mon fess up...don't leave me hanging all alone. Give me a shout in the comments and tell me what your addiction is.  By the way, these probably aren't the only two of mine it's just the two I am willing to coming to grips with. Don't fret....I'm not ready for rehab yet. Baby steps people!
also on the note of addictions...I think I've managed to nosh down about half a box of fruit loops writing today's post.  I'm a cereal junkie too!

One more thing that big surprise I hinted at, well here's a clue.

Peace, Love and Yummies!!

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