Thursday, September 9, 2010

Amazing Chicken and yesterday's haul

Peeps the rain has stopped.   Temps aren't as high but man is it humid!!!  I feel like I'm back in Kentucky!!

So last night for dinner I made the Amazing Chicken. I really don't know what else to call's just amazing!!  I went to pick up the chicken breast yesterday at Central Market and the young fella behind the meat counter said "Have you ever tried this marinade before?"  I said, "oh yes"  He said "It's my favorite marinade we do" and I said "you should try it with peppered bacon and colby cheese on top"  he said "mam, is there anything that isn't good with bacon on top?"   Too funny!!!    I love those guys at CM. 

Let's make dinner.....
First up we need to get that peppered bacon going in the electric skillet

Yes, you must use the electric skillet or it won't turn out right.  HAHAHAHA  Just kidding.... I use it because I can control the heat and my bacon doesn't splash everywhere.  Bacon cooks at 325 on my skillet and it's a steady even temp so I don't burn it (usually)  but you do have to pay attention.

So while the bacon is cooking grab your meat mallet and put those Lemon Herb Marinated Chicken Breast between wax paper and pound away.

Said meat mallet also comes in handy to bang the knuckles of anyone who enters the kitchen and attempts to steal your bacon.    Handy, don't you think??  Note to self...move Ipad away from meat mallet....just in case.

When the bacon is done you want to take it out of the pan and put it on paper towels to drain. Now take those chicken breast and plop them right into that skillet.  Don't drain the grease unless you have a ton, then you just want some covering the bottom of the pan.   I only cook a half a package of bacon so it's just the right amount leftover in the pan.

You can see one side is done.  After you cook them to nice and done on one side flip them over and let them cook a minute or two then plop that bacon right on top of each of them.

Now you need this....

This is CM's colby cheese. Hubby is not a huge cheese fan...yea, I married him in spite of this.  I mean what's not to like about cheese??  Anyway I could NOT keep him out of this cheese.  I wasn't sure I was going to have enough for the chicken.  It's usually me sneaking slices of cheese not him but man he certainly was digging on this cheese! 
Slice this stuff up and do this to it

yep, just add that cheese right to the top of the chicken and bacon

Then slap the lid back on the whole thing and let that chicken finish cooking and the cheese melt and all will become right with the world and peace will least in your kitchen!

When the chicken is done and the cheese is melted you get this heaven

See... I think this is what we need to be serving at those United Nations meetings.  PEACE would come to everyone because you can't fight with each other when you eat this kinda stuff!!!

I took the chicken out of the pan and plopped it on a plate because hubby walked the dog and I was drooling waiting for them to come back.

We had a little spring greens salad and another CM favorite  Durham Sourdough Bread

don't worry, I had more chicken  :0)

Now it's my duty to warn you that if you go to Central Market and you see should run away as fast as you can.  Of course you should grab a box before running but I assume you understood that!

These are Alfajores.  They are divine in every possible way and probably so incredibly bad for me...and when you try to eat it in the car you will end up looking like you were an extra in the Scarface movie. That powdered sugar goes everywhere!!  sooooo good....please stop by my house today and try one or I will be faced with them every moment and I will succomb to their goodness.

Oh, you should also avoid this in CM
It must have jumped in my cart when I was getting the colby cheese... I'm pathetic I know

Now....I have to show you the "haul" from Sprout's yesterday

WOWEEEE , I think this was one of my biggest trips ever.  Seriously there is about 15 lbs. of meat in that stack too!!   Believe it or not...only 80 dollars for all of this bounty!!

I got strawberries and raspberries and this is what I did to half of them

I just rinsed the berries and towel dried and dropped them on my cookie sheet and into the freezer they went for about 30 minutes

Now in about 3 months when I have a strong craving for some good fresh berries, these will be waiting on me.  I have also put away some blueberries like this.   Sometimes this is just what you need when it's 20 degrees and snowing outside to remind you that warmth will come again.

The remainder I did this to

the strawberries are almost gone today  :0)

Now that just can't leave it lying around you gotta do sumpin' with it right away

just scrape it off the ears and in a pan it goes with butter, salt, pepper. That's it- it don't need nothing else!

cook it until good and tender and yummy

and then do this

throw it in the freezer and you'll thank me in January.  (If the kids don't steal it before then)
And the hubby came back from walking the dog and wanted to know where the corn was for dinner.  He wasn't too happy when I told him it was ready for the freezer.  He'll love me again in January.

Gotta get busy my peeps.....FlyLady chores are awaiting and I gotta go to WallyWorld too!

Peace, Love and Yummies

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