Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Happy Dancing with sammies and sketti

Hey Peeps!!!   Long time no blog!  It's been a busy busy week.  Yesterday I discovered how hectic a day can turn when you are trying to manage vacation rental property from 700 miles away.  Geesh!!!   Anyway, I'm ready to get down to the condo and check things out for myself.  

Let's catch up shall we.
Tuesday night is one of our two nights off from the gym so we had some Grilled Chicken Sammies and Roasted potatoes

This is the stuff I used on the chicken

Just squeeze your lemons and pour over the chicken breasts, then sprinkle on the Tony Cachere's and then some honey

Then cover them with some plastic wrap and pop them in the fridge (if you can find room!!)
They can just hang out all day and give 'em a flip if you can
When it's time throw them on the grill....don't you just love my grilling technique???
Hey..dont' judge, it worked really well!!
While the chicken is grilling you can whip up some fixin's

I also roasted some know the SAME way we always do.  Salt, pepper, olive oil and thyme
Why mess with perfection???

Now make that sandwich and have some dinner!!!

Moving onto Wednesday....we work out at the gym on Wed. nights so I needed to get dinner made as much in advance as possible 'cuz I be starvin like marvin by the time we get home.

First thing let's get some rolls ready.

Get out that iron skillet and spray it with some cooking spray. 

now it's time to cover those up and put them away from the dog in a nice safe place.  What's that you say...your dog doesn't get on the counters and eat food.. Weeelllll la tee da lucky you!!!  hee hee

Just leave them alone for the rest of the day and later you will be handsomely rewarded

Let's make spaghetti sauce and I know you just saw this but the last time we didn't get to eat any, the kids took it away!!

Chop up those onions and get them cooking in the pan

Now get the garlic ready

Add the garlic to the pan with onions

Add the meat

Get it all good and brown

Now it's time to add in these guys

Let's get the tomatoey stuff added in

Now let's add the spices

Stir it all up and let it come to a boil

Then I turned mine down really really really low and let it simmer away for about 2 or 3 hours
After it's cooked awhile just turn it off and let it cool.  We arent' eating until later so I put it away and stuffed it in the fridge.  See above picture to understand how full my fridge is right now so stuffed would be the appropriate term to use.

Home from the club so let's get this started because I can bake the rolls and boil the spaghetti while I shower and get the chlorine outta my hairdo  :0)

Before popping those rolls in the oven I loaded them up with some melted butter, garlic salt, parm cheese and a little sprinklin' of I-tayl-yon seasoning  (c'mon say it just like Brad Pitt)
Now it's off to shower and return to this

Let's eat peeps I'm hawngry  big time hawngry

Now yesterday was Thursday so it was game night in the ole' Spring of town for us.  I made my Italian beef so it simmered in the crockypot all day.  I was making sammies to meet the hubster, trying to reconnect internet service to a condo 700 miles away and my toaster decided to do this to my bun!!!

Bad bad bad toaster...for that you are outta my life.  Be gone with yo bad self!!!
Seriously, I'm buying a new toaster today as soon as this gets posted and I get changed outta my boxers and tee (really NO one wants to see me like this).  This toaster has foiled me for the last time and he is about to be replaced with a shiny, new, wide slot, bagel capable, frozen waffle cooker version so much better than he...  I'm really sorry mr. toaster, you shouldn't have eaten my bread.  Us carb lovers don't take kindly to that sort of thing.   I'll show a pic of my new toaster and the fabulous toasty life we're gonna build together.

Anyway, hubby grabbed the camera from the back seat and snapped a photo of my sammie

If you notice it doesn't look the same, I used a jar of that hot spicy veggie mix instead of pepperocini peppers. It had cauliflower, jalapenos, carrots, celery, and some kind of red pepper in it.  Good stuff good stuff!    I also added a little spicy brown mustard, shredded lettuce and some tomatoes to the sammie.  It was good.  Oh, that cute little pattern belongs to my Vera Bradley mailbag purse.  Lurve lurve lurve me some VB.  She's da bomb on purty little patterns. Oh and there is a new baroque pattern that is simply TO DIE 4!

Peace, Love and Yummies and Friday Happy Dance ♪♪♪♪

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