Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday decor....so what do you think about it??

Last night for dinner we had some of the cowboy stew I had frozen during my cooking frenzy.   We went to workout as soon as the hubby got home so I knew I wouldn't be up for cooking a big dinner.  We'll have to get the kinks worked out of our new routine...well that and the kinks in my arms too!!  DUDE, they are sore!
Sorry..back to dinner.  I plucked out one of the cowboy stew containers and defrosted it.  Then I dumped it into the crock pot about 4:30 and flipped the crock pot to low.  When we arrived back home around 7:45 all I had to do was pop some canned biscuits in the oven and prestoooooo...dinner is served.   We watched Hardcore Pawn on Tru Tv, not much else on the boob tube last night.  Tonight is another story!!! This is my tv night---do not attempt to call me on Tuesday nights from about 9-11 pm.  I will be so engrossed in either Sons of Anarchy or The Colony that I will not give your matter my full attention. Sorry....unless you are as cute as Jax on SOA I just have to stand firm on this one.  :0)   In any event, dinner was good and the container fed hubby and I both so I know the sizes were a good fit for the kids.

Moving onto the decorating decisions of the day. I went to Kirkland's on Friday and they happened to be having a sale.  hmmmm.....maybe that's why I went after all.   I have this overwhelming desire to redo my kitchen...actually I have an overwhelming desire for CURTAINS in my downstairs but that's another story.
I want to change my kitchen to this kind of burnt orange corally color. Do you think the Depot folks would know how to mix that if that's what I told them??  Anyway back at Kirklands I found these new items that I thought would look delightful in my current kitchen and even better if I ever get to repaint.

Let's review, this is the Left side of the back window with old artwork

and this is the old Right side

not bad at all and I love these Chocolat prints with the french clown mimes, it's just they are red and brown (which looks great now but won't when I paint).

A full back window shot looks like this
It's a little dark I had to close the blinds to get the whole window in or we would have been blinded!

Now here is the new Left side
and the new Right side

WOW my walls look really really red in these pictures!

Now here is the new full shot of the eating area

much better I think...hubby actually noticed and commented that he liked the new ones better too.  I have hung the old prints on another wall but we've both agreed that we don't like them there and it's probably time for them to go.  If you live near me and want them, give me a shout and they are yours for the taking.

Now since I have an overwhelming desire for curtains and I know I'm probably not getting them anytime soon (there is a BIG reason I'm not and I'll divulge that little secret a little later this weekend)  so I did a little rearranging.   You might remember this guy.  You can't see but just to the left is a wall where there were several crosses hanging along with a little Family sign.    I found a new picture that I really loved the second I saw it so I moved things around a bit. 

New picture hanging to the left of the big plant

I love this picture so much and here's a close up of the print

I'm trying to lean the decorating scheme in the den in the direction a soft blue (like in this print) and the big plant's pot with brown and some touches of green AND then it ties to the burnt corally orange color I want to paint the kitchen with. The new artwork in the kitchen even has some of the blue and green in them too.  Seeeee.... I really do have a plan, it just takes some effort to get there.  I had to move my crosses and sign to the spaces between the windows and this is what we have there now.

It won't work when I get curtains but since they may be a little further down the road, I can live with this in the meantime.   And to my dear friend LL...please do not show these photos to Frankie, there were holes placed in the walls in several places, some used some not.  I would hate for him to have this information and have a heart attack.  :0)   P.S. anytime you want me to come over and poke holes in your walls just let me know! hee heee  I have a level and a hammer and I'm not afraid to use them!!!
Don't forget, give a shout and tell me what you think about the direction I'm taking the kitchen and den's color scheme. 

Have an awesome evening peeps...tell someone you love them and make someone else smile then you know you've had a good day!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies 

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