Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday musings and a condo at the beach!!!!

Well we had an awesome weekend that didn't involve complicated cooking on my part.

Friday night we headed over to the health club and when we came home we had chili cheese fries for dinner.  Stop judging me, I was so hungry.  If it makes you feel better, they weren't very good.  We should have double baked the fries. 

Moving on to Saturday, we went to Edelweiss German restaurant with Chuck and Suepoo and Chuck's parents.  Soooo good, but I come home stuffed to the max every time we go.  The black forest cake just tips me over the edge.  :0)

Sunday we made tacos for lunch and big salads for dinner.   See, no degree of difficulty in the food prep area this weekend.  Hopefully we'll get back on track this week.

Also continued my little projects around the house. Finished this one up late last night.  I found these frames on sale at Kirkland's .  I have been wanting to do this for awhile so I finally bought the frames.  Looking from our game room to the hallway, this is to the right

this one is to the left

and this is what it looks like from one side looking towards the other side of the upstairs.

the area on the same side of the wall overlooks the den downstairs.  It's just a fun collection of old family photos.  It makes me smile when I look at and as Martha would say....that's a good thing.

OK.......Now for the official big news.   We bought a condo in Ft. Walton beach!!!!   Really, try to pretend you are excited.    I'm excited and as long as I think about excitement and not expense I'm all good!!!

Here are a few photos.

this is the view from the balcony. yes, it's gulf front condo
sorry , it was also a stormy day in early May when I took this photo

if you turn to your far right on the patio you can actually see the bay area.  This is where the Billy Bowlegs pirate boat parade occurs and the fireworks on the fourth of July.  We can sit on our balcony, see it all and never have to fight the traffic.  :0)

This is the bunkie bed area

this is the master bedroom

 and this is the guest room

and this is the dining area

and this is the sofa area of the living room

it's not furnished exactly the way we envisioned but that willl come along soon enough.  Can't do everything at once.  We are going down in a few weeks when it's vacant and I hope to have more photos.  But if you are interested in taking a cheap cheap trip sometime this year give me a yell.  We are making deals!!!

One last thing, this is the schedule for the week

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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