Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Hum Hum Hump Day

oh dear....I should have known yesterday when I started out with cinnamon toast it wasn't going to go well.  Just to show you that I'm very bad sometimes I'm reavealing the devastation that occured last night.

This was dinner

I am if you will excuse me House Hunters is on and the mountains are blue!

Later it was time to watch The Colony....yeah, we are Discovery Channel junkies around here.
so I had this.....

I regret to inform you that this was comprised of Vanilla Blue Bell ice cream, crushed up M&M peanuts, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream and a cherry (or two) on top.  I'm so sorry and the worst part.....these two things plus cinnamon toast were all my meals yesterday.  SAD SAD SAD  I know but at least I did take my vitamins yesterday.

But as they say Tomorrow is Another Day

I tried to start today better....

Let's make a smoothie

First you need some yogurt

I love this yogurt.. I get it at Sprout's and since its Wednesday you know I'm headed there today!

Then we need some juice
I didn't finish this yesterday so it was the perfect amount to pour in the smoothie

a little squirt of local honey to take the edge off the fruit and also to assist with the now famous allergies of mine

I got this new frozen fruit at Costco and I LOVE it. It has so many fruits and they are quite yummy.  Just frozen fruit peeps, no sugar or syrups needed.  Just dump in the fruit

Now I add these to my smoothie because 1)i'm old 2) I probably won't eat lunch (remember yesterday) and 3) dang it ...this stuff is good for you
The fiber does mess with the texture of your smoothie so take it easy on that untill you get used to the texture but then again so does the protein powder but it keeps me satisfied a bit longer when I add the protein.

I know you can't see too well but the reason I didn't give you amounts on the ingredients is because my handy dandy blender is a smoothie blender and it's marked on the side for user friendliness.  It has a liquids line and a frozen line, makes smoothies soooooo easy.  That and I burned up no less than 4 blenders before this one making smoothies.  This one is going on 2 1/2 yrs of smoothie happiness!

Mix and dispense..... I'm a smoothie fan. They are fast, nutritious and can be combined for so many flavors and you can disguise the taste of the stuff you need. Not to mention, it's portable!!     Blend away to happiness and health peeps!!

Gotta run....time for Sprouts shopping!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies

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