Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hump Day Happiness and Brazilian Black Beans for dinner

Last night we had Brazilian Black Beans w/ham served over couscous.  It's a shortened version because I've made these beans so many times.  If you want you can go back to this post or this one to get the full story.

Here's the ingredients

and here is what it all looked like after it made it to the pan and the ham was added

and speaking of ham....I think I'm gonna need to bake one soon because there may be one bag of ham left in the freezer.  I rely on that leftover ham for my beans and such!

Last night we were hungry and didn't want to wait 20 minutes or so for rice to cook....I already told everyone I was a Starvin' like Marvin all day yesterday!   I decided to make couscous, turns it out was pretty darn good underneath those beans.  This is my bowl

After I ate snorted my dinner, it was off for some tv time. AGT finals, SOA and The Colony.

I'm getting closer to revealing the reason I won't be getting curtains in my downstairs....just a few more days!!   Hang with me, it's very exciting. Well for me may not be nearly as excited as I am and that's ok because it really doesn't take a whole lot for me to get excited.  What...don't judge...I hang out all day with the dog and the cat so a little excitement goes a long long way for me!!

♫♫♫ Humpty Humpty Hump Day Dancing ♫♫♫

Peace, Love and Yummies

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