Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh my has Fall really arrived???

Or is it just teasing us for a few days before we go back to raging inferno like temps??? Whichever the case, I am going to enjoy it while it's here!

Not a lot going on this past weekend. We were completely kidless so we went to the gym Fri. Night, Sat and Sunday. Ran a few errands on Saturday but mostly hung out at home. Chuck and Suepoo stopped by Saturday night with baby Emi but other than that a quiet weekend.

As I vowed to do..... I got a new toaster!!!!

Isn't he a beaut!!! My new toaster friend is taking good care of bagels and buns and toast. Do not get in between a woman and her carbs or you might suffer the same fate as the old rusty toaster!!

Since we were home alone this weekend while at the cost of co we got ourselves each a new toy!! Look and check out the dork factor here peeps!!!

Yep, I got a new label maker and hubby got a new weather station. Good grief how dorkified can you get. Heehee. I am free to roam the world labeling and organizing...on two lines of text!! Whoop whoop Technically, it's for the condo ;0). When Chuck was over he and hubs installed the new weather station, it's actually pretty cool. There is a wireless remote that is tucked up in the corner of our porch and inside the back door the unit is hanging on the wall. We can see the time,date, inside and outside temp and humidity. We see the barometric pressure, highs and lows and all that weather jazz. Yeah, we are exciting people!!

On other dorkified purchases, I got this lil' cutie patootie. It's an acrylic tumbler with a lid and a straw and it doesn't sweat and leave water marks all over the place.  Love it 'cuz now I have tea wherever I go without spilling it! Yep yep I just love me some hardware stores!!!   And don't forget, I'm being environmentally conscious too.

So I'm off to get cleaned up and do a little computering. There will be no dinner posts tomorrow as we are meeting a wonderful friend of mine from Kentucky tonight for dinner. He's in town for a meeting and I'm so excited we can have some dinner and catch up. He's a great guy and I hope he remembered to bring lots of pics of his cutie Lil girl and sweet wife.

See you soon and if you are having the gorgeous fall weather we are..then get out and enjoy it!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies!

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