Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grilled Pimento Cheese & Other Happy Things

Wow Peeps!!  I didn't mean to stay away so long.  Time just flew by and well I've been kind of on a cooking hiatus.  We've had so much going on that I've been semi-cooking around here lately.  That's not to say we haven't gone without our fair share of having popcorn for dinner either.

Remember that pimento cheese of mine from the shower?
Oh yeah you know  this one. Well I made it again because I just really love me some pimento cheese.
No really...I LOVE pimento cheese. Ask my momma, she'll confirm this.

Anywho I had this nice batch of pimento cheese in my refrigerator and for some reason or another I got the idea to grill the sandwich and then dip the slices in some marinara sauce.

This is what happened---ah yes! Oooey Gooey love!!

then i dipped that little thing in some marinara sauce and enjoyed every last bite.
Oh yes I did and I'm not sorry one tiny bit!

Well it's hot outside and I do have a nice summer salad to share with you tomorrow but in the meantime I leave you with happy things of summer!!!

good friends

beautiful new beginnings

amazing sunsets

a cup full of bright ink pens

my new yellow kitchen

These amazing things, Thank you Nabisco!
(they make me happy sometimes but sometimes they make me angry because I can hear them calling out to me from the pantry)

pink cows

tomato sandwiches

and fireworks.

Peace, Love & Summer Yummies!!


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