Monday, August 6, 2012

The week my husband went hiking....without me!

Hey Peeps!!
This is going to be a heavy photo day here on the blog.   Little bit of food, little bit of crafting and a little bit of redecorating.  The Hubster is on his way home from his hiking trip in the Grand Canyon so I'm going to show you what I've been doing while he's away. So let's roll!!!

Smashed Avocado on a 100 calorie Smart Bagel
Just about the best breakfast in the world.
It was so great that I had it every day until I ran out of Avocadoes. Bummer,

Then I had to have this for breakfast and occasionally dinner.

 However the first night Hubster was gone I ate a very wonderful dinner!!

They got a little less wonderful after that.  
Not in taste but definitely in nutritional value.

It just kept going downhill until we screeched into the bottom of the hill with an ice cream sundae for dinner.   Yeah Yeah, you know you're jealous on the inside.

There were lots of projects to work on.  Many of which were tedious and irritating but necessary so I've saved you the trauma of looking at those photos.   

Then there were some fun projects!!

Take this plain $10 Ikea table and make it fabulous for a 21 year old boys apartment.

Get out these supplies and why yes I am keeping the Clorox Wipes Company in business.

Turn on the Olympics.  It is very crucial to our medal count that I be watching at all times!!

Start painting on Modge Podge and laying down baseball cards.
(you should make sure your son picks out the cards you're allowed to use first otherwise this might not be quite the pleasant surprise you were shooting for)

Get all those cards glued down then smear that whole table top with Modge Podge....several times. Let it dry really good, like overnight or outside in the Texas heat for like 5 minutes.

When it's finally dry just go out to the garage and find some kind of dark stain.
Wipe it over those cards, let it sit a minute then wipe off.

You should let this dry overnight too.
But don't take it outside or the dust will blow all over it and stick to the stain and that's not pretty!

Grab a can of this stuff and take it outside with the table.
Yes you have to go outside!!  I'm sorry I do know that it's 105 out there but go anyway it will just take a couple of minutes before you can run back to the AC.

Spray the table really good with the Varnish.
It's non-yellowing, satin finish sealing Varnish because you KNOW those boys aren't using coasters!
Now take it inside to dry and fix yourself something to drink.  Hydration is important.

Marvel at the cool creation and be super excited when your son thinks it's awesome!!
And that the extra cards you had to go find were ok to use because you didn't have quite enough to cover the table. Whew!

Now some safety tips.

When home alone you should prop a chair up on the back door.
I learned this from Scooby Doo cartoons so I KNOW this works!

And place a noisy footstool at the front door.  
You know so the burglars will wake you up when they try to break in and steal your cookies.
And never ever make your bed because you might have to crawl into it at any given moment to hide from the burglars.  What???  You didn't know if you hide under the sheets burglars can't see you???!!!
Sure is a good thing I'm hear to teach you these home safety tips!!

In between moving furniture in front of the doors and hiding in my bed I 
also worked in Courts room this week.  You guys know she went and got herself all married and such so I figured it might be time for her room to grow up too.

Some new bedding and some relocating of existing bedding started the room redo.

A few new and an old throw pillow.
The small round one was Courts grandmothers pillow.
And seriously what is the deal with throw pillows???  I mean come on do they really want me to pay $50 for a throw pillow???!!!  Hellooooooo, I think not!

A cozy little reading nook. 
Fun fact:  That rocking chair was given to me by my mom for one of my bridal showers. 
I love rocking and reading when it's storming outside.

Some new curtains with.............

my Pinterest inspired tie backs!!!  YAY Go ME!!!!
I used some white satin ribbon, some twine and two old keys. Perfection!!!
And I found them all in my craft supplies, winning!

A cute new "old" alarm clock.
You know because sometimes your guests need to crawl out of bed before noon.

We had several pieces of old furniture that needed new homes and I'm happy to report every piece has found its way to a new spot in this room or somewhere else in the house.
I wanted to make this room cozy and comfy with a modern antiquey twist without having to repaint!!
No siree bob I just didn't have it in me to repaint over that turquoise!!
I'll leave that for the buyers when we sell this baby!!  

And in the midst of this nasty 100+ degree heat and no rain my Gardenia tree decided to toss out a few more sweet smelling blooms this week.   I think it's really cool the way God reminds us that He's got it all under control.  The dirt may be dry and the sun may be hot but you can still BLOOM!

So what have you guys been up to this week?  What do you do when you are home alone?
How are you "blooming" in the world??

Peace, Love & My Hubby Is Coming Home Yummies!!!

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