Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tousled Tuesdays

Well Peeps, we lived through Monday!!   Yep I was an unmotivated slob but I did finally manage to get it in gear yesterday and get the laundry finished and the house cleaned.  Oh and I showered too.   Big day I tell ya big day!!!

Anywho I've been toying with ideas to make me do my posts more regularly and I've decided to do one day a week (Tuesday) with a mish mosh of things that I feel are worthy of sharing but don't need a full blog post.  You know mostly photos and strange activity of the week.  I figure I'll get the chance to bore you to death with my rather non-exciting life details and some food pictures of course!  Sure seems like you guys are getting the short end of this stick on this one but bear with me and let me know how you feel about the whole disaster!!

Let's roll:

After 3 3/4 years I FINALLY got curtains in our breakfast area.
Burlap Love!!!  Do you know how hard it is to find tension rods that will cover about 81 inches??
Well if you need them, Amazon saves the day again.

I made a strawberry pie cookie pizza.
It was pretty yummy indeed.

I have so much guacamole in this house, my toast is thanking me every single morning!!!
We also have these amazing new glass storage bowls from ZipLoc and man they keep my guacamole so fresh it's crazy!!!   Seriously this guacamole is about a week old in this picture!!! Sometimes my husband gets on strange kicks about odd things and plastic bowls are his new nemesis.  I have to say so far other than the cost the guacamole and I are loving them.

Back in May we moved our bedding, my beloved and cherished Pottery Barn bedding,  down to the condo (because it matched the room down there and we couldn't find anything else that did) so I've been hunting and thinking and shopping and cussing over new bedding for our room since then.  I'm finally done and I think it was worth the wait.

I THINK this is all the places I accumulated the pieces:
Target, Steinmart, Ikea, Home Goods, and my grandmother.
Inspiration from Pinterest of course.

side note:  I sprayed our old lamps yellow but I don't like the color so as soon as the wind ceases gale force I'm going to respray them with a copper matte metallic.  It seems that I've been banned from using spray paint in the garage. The new burlap shades are also from Tarjay.

Mutant Shrimp!!!
No actually this is before the poor things were doused with way too much Cajun Butter and seasonings then broiled in the oven.  BBQ shrimp anyone??!!!
We also had shrimp & grits. Some days it pays to let the hubster in the kitchen with me.

40 lbs. of tomatoes. ay yah yah

A LARGE mess in my kitchen after basket pick up.
One regular basket, one guacamole pack add on and two cases of tomatoes.
It was the first time I've had to have help picking up the produce.

Only a small fraction of the salsa we canned from those 40 lbs. of tomatoes.
We also canned some regular tomatoes but not nearly as much as salsa.  We like salsa....A LOT!!!!
Fair warning, this Saturday we ordered peaches!

This lovely little download was free yesterday (sadly it's back to regular price today).  I made the white chocolate mocha this morning. I only have one thing to say.....I'm in trouble!! Tomorrow it's gonna be Pumpkin Spice Latte!!!  Thank the stars in heaven the Lemon Pound Cake recipe is not in this book!  

We finally drank enough beer (yeah tough job right??) to finish the Abogg's coffee table.
It was an old crate that the Hubster brought back from NC from his moms house.  I just couldn't toss it because I knew it would make something cool.  Abogg needed a coffee table and thus we've been drinking beer in hopes to finish this before school.   We did it!!!  There's an epoxy finish on the caps just like the restaurant tables.   I'm sure Baylor will be proud we used yellow caps to make the BU but probably not so let's not tell them.  And you friends of the Abogg.....please don't sit on the coffee table. I think we're gonna need to brace that lid, apparently epoxy gets really heavy when you put it three layers deep.   

And the Hubster stood outside in a storm for way too long to get this cool photo.
 Believe me when I say I deleted a lot of not so cool ones before coming across this one.

So peeps that's all I got for you today!
Tomorrow the return of Craft Wednesday returns with me and LauraLoo. Goodness knows what kind of things we will find to get into!!!

What do you think? Tousled Tuesdays worth keeping?

Peace, Love & Tousled Tuesdays!!!

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