Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anthro Necklace Knockoff

Ok...since you are probably gonna ask...this is what I had for dinner

yeah yeah....sue me!  :0)
Hubster was off to deliver the prom dress to our youngest and take her out for dinner so I was home alone and I decided this is what I wanted.  Eh, forget about it!

BTW....that's my son's bowl!!

Now, food outta the way...let's talk jewelry!!!  So a few weeks ago over on Flamingo Toes
she was doing some Anthro Necklace knock offs as tutorials.  Well I just flat out fell in love with the collage one but did NOT fall in love with the Anthro price...$298 !!!!!!!
Lawzy me if I'm paying almost three hundred dollars for jewelry it better be real!!!

Anyway, by taking the Flamingo Toes way out....I was only out about $50.  MUCH better and yes still a little high and would have been cheaper if I had waited until the charms were on sale at Michaels. I didn't I was in a hurry and LL and I have been dying to make these for a few weeks!!!  And then it would have probably been around $25 dollars to make so on sale at the michaels next time I just may make another in a silvertone color!

Anyway....Here's mine!!!

I'm more than a little tickled over this little number!!!   Although once again...we forgot to get a picture of LL's!!!   We'll just have to get a photo sometime when she's wearing it!  

That's all I gots for you today my peeps!!   We are having a "working weekend" this Saturday for hubster and I have to get the fridge emptied because I'm making dinner for about 12 on Saturday night and I need the room!  

Enjoy the day and remember..... Peace, Love & Yummies

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