Tuesday, April 26, 2011

finally back!!

 My goodness my peeps it's just been so long!!!   So much to tell you so I'll try to keep it brief.

I went to Florida to our condo...here are a few photos

I packed and it looks like Vera Bradley puked on my bed  (at least that's what hubster says)
by the way....I'm a chronic over packer!

I packed the scooby snack basket

I sat on our balcony and saw this....

it's kind of hard to see but we saw tons of dolphins out on the beach

we ate waaaaaay too much good food

Now it was also Easter so we:

got Easter baskets full of goodies

picked gorgeous roses from the yard

flew kites

got kites stuck on the roof

and in the neighbors tree

colored Easter eggs

let those dry

talked on the phone

made yarn bracelets and lego star wars

teased the dog while she was sleeping

and made lots of yummo food which I promise to share with you later in the week!!! No really..I promise

In my personal Lent commitment, I vowed to complete the Couch 2 5K program and I did it!!! Yep, before church on Easter morning I completed my last workout with the program.  When I started it I thought running 3 minutes at a time was all I could do, now...I'm running 2 miles in about 32 minutes NONSTOP peeps!!!   I'm not a runner, never have been, never will be hard core.  I don't think I'll see more than 5k's in my running future but it's enough for me and I've proved to myself that I just might be able to do it.  The program is finished so now I'm working on my endurance and time 'cuz I don't think it'll be a great thing to run a 5K in a 2 hour time frame!! In the meantime to celebrate I gots some new shoes
I swear for this Kentucky born girl...these are the closest things to being barefoot
(and if you know me...I am barefoot about 90% of the time)

Nope, Reebok doesn't know me but if they find me....I wear a size 7.5 and would like these too!Reebok Women's Premier ZigFly Running Shoe,Raw Green/Silver/White,7.5 M US
AND they could please tell the Tom's dude that I really want these

7.5 please and when those new crochet ones come out in June...yeah those too please!!

So I think I've caught you up on a few things and tomorrow we're making Bunny Bait snacks and we'll start on the Easter dinner.

Peace, Love & Yummies!!

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