Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dr Pepper spicy Pork

well I told you I was gonna be whipping up a fabulosa treat from none other than The Pioneer Woman and boy was it yummo!!!

The first big thing I changed was that I used my crock pot. It was 80 something degrees round these parts on Friday I wasn't about to go cooking in the oven for 6 or 7 hours because that would mean I'd need to turn on the air conditioner and quite frankly....I love having my windows open!!!

Here we go!

get all this stuff out

throw those onions in the bottom of the crock pot (mine look like a big brick because I just whipped them out of the freezer)
Then toss your pork roast on top of the onions and salt and pepper that baby.

Now dump the can of chipotle peppers and adobe sauce right over the top

Pour in two cans of that good ol' Dr. Pepper

Sprinkle the entire thing with brown sugar, slap the lid on and let it cook for at least 7-8 hours. It should falling apart when you take it out.

We ate ours on Friday night and then again on Sunday.  I just tossed it in a pan on the stove to heat it back up for Sunday's dinner.

Then we had taco's made out of it and some of my favorite authentic mexican beans.  I'd love to share the recipe for them but there isn't really one and I am not sure mine ever turn out the same each time I make them.     Enjoy this little twist on tacos for your family and let them think you cooked really hard all day in the kitchen!!

I have a few other important matters to address today!

Sunday was the birthday of the sundae.. I celebrated at breakfast

it's peanut butter on waffles with bananas and honey and a little chocolate syrup drizzled on top. 
boy...I wish we celebrated the sundae's birthday every day!!

The dog had a bath

Yes, she likes to have the towel over her like that after her bath. Spoiled much???

We went to the auction Saturday night....my husband bought this.  I cannot explain why.
It holds almost 3 liters of beverage, Sunday it held sun tea, decaf and tons of sugar.

I got this at the auction.  I bought it just to make sun tea in. Mine has caffeine and no sugar. It's on my kitchen counter now. I drink a LOT of tea!

This is Rainbow...she is no longer with us.  She was just a wee girl of 23 when she gave up the fight.
I will miss her...goodbye Rainbow you were loved!!

This is Consuela.  I got her today. She is a Dyson DC23 for animals. She's pretty, she's purple and has amazing suction.

She doesn't drive too well....oh wait, maybe that's me  :0)
Welcome to the family Consuela!

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