Thursday, April 7, 2011

a PB knockoff... and a strange dinner

Hi deee hoooo peeps!!

This is a modpodge of a blogpost.  I'm just warning you now so you won't be asking yourself later "does she need to be treated for ADHD?"     I just have so many little things I need to share.

First up I wanted these

yep they are from the P of B and I loved them....except they are $79 freakin' dollars and they are live....which means I pay big bucks for something that is gonna die.  I think NOT so I did this!

I know...mine's not as cool as PB's but you know mine only cost me about 6 bucks so I can live with it.

These are the first roses of the year out of my little rosebed.  They make me smile.

This is my little Lilli...we have birds on our back porch and she was glued to the doorway just watching them carefully. Ohhhh, don't worry about the birds, she's afraid of everything and never ventured out towards them at all.

This is cauliflower.

This is a packet of spicy ranch dressing mix.

This is cauliflower covered in olive oil and the dressing mix sprinkled on top. 
It went into a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes

This is asparagus--olive oiled up and some salt & pepper.
It went to the grill.

This is dinner. Yep, we had asparagus and cauliflower for dinner.  Weird, maybe...good, yes!

This is my new butcher block island for my kitchen.  We got it at the auction.  I've missed my kitchen island so very much since I moved into this house so this is a nice addition.  It doesn't take up much room, I can chop on it and it is close to the refrigerator so it's a handy spot to rest things.   I'm not sure if I'm leaving it the way it is or if I'm painting the bottom....what do you think??
Leave it, paint it black, paint cream color???

Peace, Love and Yummies!!

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