Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Tumblings

Hi dee ho my peeps!!
It's Tuesday and that means it is time for Tuesday Tumblings!!
Or more aptly named....Michelle's weekly phone dump  :-)

We went to the Ft Worth Stock Show this past Saturday so that's pretty much what you're getting today.  I'm letting the pictures do most of the talking.

He looks so very very soft!!!
I think he was an Angora.

One day when we buy our land and I can have chickens, I gonna have a little ferris wheel to feed the baby chicks.  It's tooo cute!!

This guy was petting the baby but what you can't see is the mama who wouldn't let him touch her but let him touch the baby.  It was kind of sweet.

Where else are you gonna see such cute piggie butts??!!!

Hey Hey it's cold out people, why the heck did you shave off my coat?

It's so humid I just can't do a thing with my hair!!

Well at least your hair doesn't look like you have Rod Stewarts 80's hairstylist!!

You know, things with big horns just creep me out.

little pig little pig...let me come in

Here come the horses, they stop for the National Anthem.
It's pretty cool to watch!

This poor little girl....she was fighting for that sandwich the whole time.

We left the barns for awhile and let these two ride a few rides on the Midway
and if you are wondering...no she NEVER looks bad in a picture.

I FINALLY got my Cowboy Burrito.  Good golly other than the cows this is why I love going to the stock show!!!   These things are so amazing!!!

Oh and where are the cow pictures you may ask?  Darn camera battery died, humpf!!

So we went to do a little shopping in the exhibit halls.
Seriously if this thing hadn't have been 5 grand I'd have bought it for her.
My mama did NOT want to leave this chair!!!
She may or may not have fallen asleep.

Since we were plum tuckered out after a long day at the Stock Show we decided to grab us some dinner on the way home.   We waited over 2 hours for a stinking table!!!  Might not have been so bad but they told us it would be an hour tops!!!   Maybe the hostesses need a lesson in how to tell time.
I bet if JR Ewing had been with us we'd have gotten a table right away!!

This is my dinner, the picture is bad but then again who cares when you are starving like Marvin and have waited 2 hours to eat!!

We also bought a new mattress at the Stock Show.
Yeah, we like to shop in very unusual places.
It was delivered last night and it is deeeevine I tell ya!!!

So what did you guys do this weekend?
Anything involving livestock?  

I'm off to figure out dinner for tonight then maybe take a shower 'cause you know it's like 10:30 and all.

Peace, Love & Livestock!!

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