Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday catch up

Hey Peeps

This crazy Texas weather.  The past two days we've enjoyed upper 70's actually 80 at one point lovely degrees.  I've been driving with the top down on my car and except for the fact that the Mountain Cedar pollen is at a high level (helloooo zyrtec) and this morning....40.  DANG that is not nice Mother Nature, not nice at all!!!

Ok so very much has happened since my last post and I will attempt to catch you up in one of my Friday 7 lists.

1) We made 2 trips to the animal hospital in Florida with the dog. An early trip home to have surgery Wednesday morning.   Inverted corkscrew tail, cherry eye.  Don't look up the inverted tail'll feel the dogs pain.  This is what he looks like.
Pitiful I know (and yes, I think he was going potty when I took this)

2)  I got the surf room painted at the condo but I don't have comforters, etc yet so I'll just show you where I'm headed with this room.  The color is Barnyard Grass and while it turns out just awesome, you really have to work hard with this paint.  

I'm ordering navy/white hibiscus bedding.  Surf Room as we call it.  We had to name all the rooms so Hubster and I knew which room we were talking about.

3)This is the 2nd bedroom.  It's pretty much finished except hanging stuff back on the walls. I have the bathroom to paint as well.   And the picture is dark and drab because it was darn near 11 pm when I got finished painting and got the bedding on.

This looks really awesome in the daylight.  I'm in love with this color too!
Cool Jazz, once again by Behr.

4) I did get the Master bedroom finished.  The only thing left in there is new lamps.
The paint color in here is Babbling Brook by Behr, can you tell I'm a Behr girl??  The rest of the room is accented with pink flamingoes.

I figured, hey it's Florida there should be flamingoes somewhere.

Also in case you are wondering why everything is so colorful, it's a beach vacation rental. When I do a vacation rental I want it to feel like I'm on vacation.  I try not to make it look at all like my house but more like the location.  If I had a ski place, it'd be all dark and cozy with plaid and lots of woodsy accessories.  Is that what you want when you go on vacation?

5) If you are following me on Facebook or Instagram you've seen this but you know what it's ok because I have a strange attraction to these little jellies.

I really really wanted to steal this but I think going to jail for jellies wouldn't be too wise.

6)Because the dog was so sick while we were down at the condo I did get to take photos every single morning of the sunrise.

I'd like to say it was worth it but after awhile I just wanted sleep.
This was one of my favorite pics I got this week.

7) My mom and I ate a new restaurant across the street from the condo.  It used to be Fudpuckers but they moved so this is there now.

The name is The Oar House.  They also have a location in Birmingham, Alabama.
It's pretty good, I think once they get up and running for the peak season they'll do great.
Really nice people though and that's pretty much the main reason I'll go back.
Plus they have the plastic cups like Fudpuckers so you can have a beach cup. Score!

That's it.  I think I've really spent more time in vet offices than I care to.
I did make Shepherds pie for dinner last night and it turned out awesome.  Either it was really good this time, I was really hungry or Shepherds Pie is growing on me.
Maybe all three!!

If you want the Shepherds Pie recipe, just click right here and make one for yourself.
What's up with you my peeps??  You've been quiet lately!!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!

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