Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Tumblings...Jan. 8

Happy TuTu Tuesday Peeps!!!

I have several goodies ready to post and by goodies I mean food and by food I mean food that I cooked!
I know I know hold the applause....I finally started cooking again.  But other than cooking and laundry and taking the dog out to pee every 15 minutes that's about it, the cleaning is unfortunately on the back burner.  Oh well, can't do everything can we??

So before we start cooking I'm doing everyone's favorite feature, Tuesday Tumblings or Tousled Tuesdays.  I can never remember which one I decided to call it so I think I just use the one that pops in my mind first but should probably be renamed Instagram Dump Day or How Many Pictures of The Dang Dog is She Going to Make Us Look At?.  I think the last ones a little long so I probably won't use it and besides I don't have cute little kiddos running around so the dog is what you're gonna get.

We went out to eat and the Hubster just HAD to have his picture made with the cutout of the Most Interesting Man on Earth.  I was hungry and wanted a margarita but he wanted a picture.   He was buying dinner so I obliged with the photo.   I got 2 margaritas for that.  WINNING!!!

Just a few of our Christmas Eve cookies.  We hardly ever even eat them but it's a family fun thing to decorate them. Well except Santa, he always eats a few.   We have fun and make big messes everywhere, I hope the kids never get too old to do this.

Is that not the sweetest dog face ever??
I mean ever!!

On December 23rd we took a little trip to Cowboys Stadium to watch the Cowboys and the Saints battle it out.

Here we are ready for the game.  2 against 2, well not really because Mr. Troy Aikman there doesn't really have a favorite NFL team so I MADE him side with me for this game.  We lost, don't bring it up.
On the bright side, both our teams had lousy seasons.
Probably not a bright side for them but they don't live in this house and I can't take another year of the Saints being better than my Cowboys!   Hear that Jerry Jones??!!!  Do SOMETHING!!!!

Players coming out onto the field & the dome was open. 
Merebear froze so we bought her a blanket.

Since she doesn't like the Cowboys, care to guess who got a new blanket when we got home?

He loves that blanket, it's in his crate now.
It is pretty soft and he enjoys sleeping in his crate so I'd say it was worth the $29.
Which by the way was a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a sweatshirt.

He is nowhere near this tiny anymore.
He gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks.  He weighs a whopping 23.3 pounds at 13 weeks!!!!!
Yeah, tell me about it.   

He does love to drag his bed to the fireplace when it's cold.

Speaking of cold, it was pretty chilly one day and since I've had this lovely lingering cold I'm especially chilly all the time.  I had this for lunch one day.  Yummmmmooooooo.
Takes me back to my childhood every time I eat this.  Well usually my mama made me grilled cheese but I was feeling lazy and just had some spicy crackers left over from New Years Eve.

This is a peek at one of the goodies you'll see this week on the blog.
Marshmallow popcorn with chocolate drizzle.  
Holy smokey, this stuff was good.

I also made Rice Krispie treats.  Gosh, why do we not make these ALL the time??
They are so yummy and so universally loved!

So what've you been up to?  Any suggestions for housebreaking a puppy?
Any ideas of how to get them to stop chewing on everything, especially feet?

Stay warm and dry and remember to wash your hands!!!

Peace, Love & Yummies

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