Friday, January 18, 2013

What's Up with Me!

Hey there my Peeps!!

I'm down in Florida, you know freezing to death!! No seriously it was warmer back in Texas than here in Florida today.  Anyway we should warm back up to around 60 tomorrow just in time for the Mardi Gras parade that will require us to walk downstairs and outside to watch.  It's no New Orleans but it will be a nice break from painting.  It's been a rough week between the rain the cold and the hauling of 800 pounds of flooring from the drop off area up to the 3rd floor to our condo.  Yeah.....I'm thinking I should be getting something special for that!   So here in a few pics is what we've  been doing.


On Monday evening about 7:30 we (as in me and the dog) left town and headed out to try and beat the weather and miss the Dallas morning traffic.  We hoped to make it to Shreveport and get ahead of the weather.

We FINALLY made it and checked in about 1:00 am.  I thought I had missed all the hotels and we tried to just sleep at the rest station for a bit.  Puppy didn't think that was a good idea and so back on the road we went.   I snuck the dog in the hotel room about the time it starts pouring down rain.
We slept about 3 hours between trying to keep pups quiet and the noise and whatnot.

At about 7:15 I turned on the TV only to find out the weather was already with me.
Hurry to get out of there and on the road.  Where sadly this sight was seen way too many times.
I prayed myself down Interstate 49 through Louisiana and that's no joke, Hubster thinks I was exaggerating but that was definitely one of the 5 worst driving experiences of my life. 


We finally arrive in Florida about 7:30 Tuesday evening.  A mere 24 hours after leaving Texas.  The only highlight, the dog was as exhausted as I was and we finally crawled in bed and slept until 8:30 the next morning and when I woke up this is what I saw!

No kidding, I opened my eyes and looked out the window and saw this!!
Ahhhhh.....maybe the painting trip won't be so bad after all.
(shhh-don't tell anyone I slept with the patio doors open all night)

After running over to pick up my Mama, she and her grand-dog decided to relax on the balcony.
I think they've bonded already.  She reads the magazine and he eats it.

Now Sir Winston would like to know where Gran went and who is gonna get him down!

Next morning the waves were pretty wild and someone was paddle board/surfing.
But I had to get started painting so here we go!

Here's the bathroom.  I got it all done!!  

To understand my excitement this is the before shot.
Not bad, if you like lighthouses.


This color is called Orange Grove by Behr and quite frankly I love it!!
It's really fun to pick paint colors at a vacation place.  You can be all bright and fun and not get tired of it because you don't see it that often. 

Someone loves the patio and chewing on the chair legs.
(Don't worry Hubster I made him stop)

However this is his FAVORITE spot.   When I can't find him I just go looking in the bunk room and there he is, all sacked out on the bottom bunk of the bunk bed.
I think he thinks it's just a big version on his crate! 

This is the master bedroom.  The paint going on the wall is called Babbling Brook and when I got to this point I wasn't too sure about the color.  Now that I'm FINALLY done I really like it.  When I get it all fixed up I'll show you photos but just keep in mind, this is what I started with.

I know just getting rid of that bedspread would be a huge improvement!!
I can't wait to show you the final results!

Ok, well it's 11:20 and I need to go wake sleeping beauty from his bunk bed and make him go out to "do his business".   I don't know how on earth people in apartment complexes deal with having a dog!
Down the hall, down the elevator, out of the parking garage then outside to the pet area then all the way back in again.  

So what's new with you guys?   What's your favorite beach color?  I need some ideas for the master bathroom to coordinate with that blue.  I like the blue but I don't think I want the bathroom that color too.  I'm thinking pink.....what do you think???
(the pink is because I'm doing accents of pink flamingo's and lime green in the bedroom)

Peace, Love & Paint!!

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