Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Happy Dance and a Chicken Sandwich dinner`

Peeps!!! It's Friday Friday Friday!!!   After the all day long clean out your office event yesterday I'm about to go pick up my Vera Bradley prizes!  In case you missed it..I don't know how cuz I'm telling everyone.... I went to the Vera Bradley birthday sale the other day.  I needed a new purse and ended up just getting the same purse I have but  new was on sale for about 17 dollars off then you got a free 27 dollar wallet so I came home satisfied and only slightly regretting not getting the other purse just because it wasn't on sale and you didn't get a freebie.  However while you were shopping the birthday sale you got to fill out a Wish List of items you wished was fun and oh the dreams of winning danced in my head as I filled out that list. ($250 limit).  So about knee deep in old paperwork and misfiled receipts my phone rings and it's this sweet lady at the Vera Bradley store...... I WON THE WISH LIST!! How awesome is that... I never win anything at all and believe me I enter a LOT of contests.   I'm excited so as soon as this post is complete I am off to Southlake to pick up my prizes.  Vera Bradley is da' bomb...and I thought so before I won!

The other night Mere was coming over and I needed something for dinner that 1) she would like 2) didn't require the use of the oven 3) didn't require heat in the house....not redundant...just freakin' hot around here!

So I pulled up an old post and made some chicken sandwiches on the grill with fresh corn.... Let's do it!

Chicken Tenders get marinated in this creation of mine:

Just put the tenders in the pan and squeeze a few lemons and pour the juice over the chicken.  I think I used three all together.  Then just take that Tony Cachere's and the honey and drizzle over the top then flip the chicken and repeat.  Throw those babies in the fridge and let them chill out a bit.

Fire up the grill throw those bad boys on and let 'em cook.  While hubby is grilling I'm getting the corn ready.
Fresh corn off the cob....from my favorite Sprouts!

Scrape all those kernals off the cob and then melt some butter in a big skillet.

Dump in the corn and let's get it cooking

Now throw in a little salt, pepper and sugar and enough water to keep it from burning.  Mine was very sweet all by itself so I probably used less than a teaspoon of sugar.  Stir that all around and let it cook.

While that is simmering away, get your choice of sandwich fixins' together, these were ours

Hubby put a little ranch dressing on his sammie, I had some leftover homemade honey mustard dressing on mine and I believe the Mere had ketchup.  

The corn is ready now too....

and so is the chicken

soooooo let's eat!

Yummo peeps just plain ole' yummo!!!

Then we had  the last of the lemonade pie while we watched The Colony on the DVR.  By the really wasn't an episode to eat while you watched...kinda GROSS this week.  :0)

I'm off to Vera Bradley so Friday Happy Dance and remember.........

Peace, Love & Yummies!

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