Wednesday, August 25, 2010

two new lamps

Ok...  I just finished up with my friend LL and her two new wine bottle lamps and they are so great I had to post pics even though I REALLY need to get to the grocery!!

This is LL's and I L..O...V...E... this lamp!!!   It's soooo awesome!!!

The 7 Deadly great is that bottle???!!!!!   just enough decoration that the bottle still takes the forefront.   At least I think so anyway....maybe enough to make myself one too.  :0)

Now this is LL's daughters lamp....cute, fun, girly!

seriously...look at the ribbon!!   It's the same barefoot print as the wine has!   Yeah, we truly lucked into that little find at the Hobby Lobby!!     Her room is pink and black and this is gonna be soo cute in there!   Hope you love it Linds because we had fun making it for you!!

That's all for today peeps but I did make a pound cake since the temperature has been soooooooooo wonderful today.   I finally got to turn the oven on again!!  Yippppeeeee    I'll post that tomorrow with dinner from tonight if I can hurry up and get to the grocery so I can get dinner started!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies .....and a wine bottle lamp!!!

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