Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Monday.....and it's HOT HOT HOT

I'm not even going to tell you peeps what we had to eat over the weekend's just utterly embarrassing!!!  Hubby and I had the crappiest, no good for you, junk food filled weekend.  I don't know just happened that way.  I'm sorry to my gastric system which seems to be retaliating this morning too!

On to more popular and great things!

Remember my cute little wine bottle lamp??

Well...this is Alex's version.  When we went to the Dominican Republic he became a fan of this rum while we were there.  Don't fret....he drank it legally over there!!!   Anyway, he brought a bottle home and since he didn't really want a wine bottle lamp and I hated to get rid of this bottle since it was such a great souvenier for him.... I decided to make his version a little more masculine.  I just used twine and just made girlyfied bows on this one and the limes in the Dom. Rep. were amazing so it seemed fitting that I used limes on his bottle.  Here's a pic with the lights on:

I think it looks quite cool and I'm sure someday when he isn't sharing a kitchen with three other 19 year old will make its way to a welcome spot on his kitchen counter but until then, I think it'll hang out in his room for awhile.    I'm working on Court's Sangria bottle this week and when Miss LL finishes up her bottle of 7 Deadly Zins wine I'm gonna start on hers.   I have to say..I LOVE her bottle she picked out, it's just fun!

Next (almost) completed craft project.  Seeing lots of "faux" greenery showing up in home decor in fun ways and while I always prefer the live plant to the fake ones...sometimes it just isn't practical.  Take my media's dark in there!!!!  It's supposed to be because that's where we watch movies and eat popcorn!!!  Plants aren't really fond of the dark so I found this nifty little idea and modified it to suit my needs and began the poking and gluing.  This is what we got and it's on the table in the media room

Here's the up close version

and it's dirty little secret!!!

I need to make a trip to Michael's for some more greenery...we have a slight bald spot to cover!!!

Anyway I was much more pleased with the craft projects this weekend than my food consumption.
It's gonna be a wild and weird busy week this week.  Abogg will be home from summer session tomorrow, we are frantically trying to get Court ready to move back to Austin on Saturday and we have wonderful family arriving about noon on Thursday for a short visit but we're gonna pack as much Texas fun into a few days as we can and hope they don't melt from the heat.   As said in the 1997 movie Fools Rush In ....."In case you haven't noticed, the white people are melting out here!"
:0)   That's sooo funny and sooo true right now out here!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies

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