Monday, August 30, 2010

weekend wrap up and Flat Stanley fun!

Saturday the hubby and I took off on an adventure with Flat Stanley.  Flat Stanley (further referred to as FS) arrived late last week in the mail from Paducah, KY.  I was quite excited to get FS in the mail and the hubby was equally thrilled. We had an unusual day to ourselves on Saturday so the adventure began.  I'm giving you guys the short version as we are gonna work on pics tonight and get the stuff in the mail to the kiddos.  You can see many more pics on my Facebook page. Just click on the FB button on the left and you should travel right over to peek at them.  

Here are a few highlights with Flat Stanley.

Riding Big Jake in the Stockyards

Driving the Stockyards Station caddy

Getting held up by the "cowboys"

Having some good grub at Riscky's BBQ

Performing on Stage at Billy Bob's

then FS sang with Willie Nelson at Billy Bob's!

Trying to decide which great QB jersey to buy

with the great Tom Landry statue

checking out the Rangers ballpark in Arlington

at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing  (they are some kind of strict about picture taking!!)

Finished off the day with some awesome Tex Mex food at Christina's

Yesterday FS had a good Texas Steak for dinner.   Frank & LL came over and we all cooked out.  We have some yummy bread from Costco, Big Tbone Steaks.  LL made the potatoes and her mama sent over some delish homegrown tomatoes.  We also roasted up some asparagus and LL made a banana pudding for dessert.  I think FS got a great idea of life in Ft Worth!

Oh and keeping with my blog "theme" FS picked this out for me at the Cowboys proshop

You can't see them but the Dallas Cowboys part has bling all over....LOVE LOVE LOVE my new tshirt!! Thanks hubby and FS!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies folks....have a super Monday!

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