Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pound cake and pizza

Well peeps we had an UNSEASONABLY and quite welcome cool day yesterday which put me into baking mode.  I didn't have a ton of time since LL was on her way over to do lamps so I grabbed a pound cake mix from the pantry and decided to dress it up a bit.

Here we go:

Just follow the directions on the box...I used 2% milk instead of water and I did add a drop or two of almond extract in the batter. 

Let's blend it up

Just look at that batter....yummmooo

and since all the kiddos have gone back to school....this was ALL mine!!!!!

Ok...let's stop horsing around and get the pan greased and floured

now let's get the batter all up in that business

and into the oven we go for about an hour...just follow directions on the box. 

This little goody needs to cool and LL and I need to run to the Hobby Lobby for a change of supplies!

Back home and lamps are done so it's time to put a little glaze on the pound cake.  I just mixed up some lemon juice, lemon zest and powdered sugar and poured over the top.  Just for a punch of flavor.

more with this guy later so now let's make pizza's!!!

First's the corn and tomato pesto pizza.  This thing is soooo yummy!! I just can't tell you how great it is so you really really must try it!!!

Let's get the pesto on the pizza crust

Now let's mix up the corn, parmesan cheese and just a touch of sugar.  Once again the corn was so sweet we hardly used any sugar...maybe 1/4 tsp.

Let's get this on the pizza crust

ok, let's get some tomatoes on there

time for the cheese on top..... I just love cheese...really, I do!!

That is sliced thin mozzarella from the deli and some shredded mozz too.

Now then, hubby wanted to try a version all his own so here we go:

I just put some ranch dressing in a bowl and watered it down a tiny bit and spread it all over the pizza crust.

these were waiting for some fun so we added these to the top

do you know where we are headed yet?????

that's fried up and crumbled pepper bacon   :0)   
Yep you guessed it....bacon tomato ranch pizza!

cover that baby in cheese and now into the oven we both go

and get the temp all set and ready

I set the timer for about 13 minutes and waited patiently.....although we are finally having dinner at a decent time!!!  Lately it's been late before hubby got home from work so it's nice to have an early dinner again.

yummmmmmmoooooooo.... the pesto corn tomato is done

and so is the other!

I thought he should have added the shredded lettuce to the top but he didn't think so....guess I was the only one wishing for a BLT all of a sudden

Here are the plates.....

    Now let's see Jeff's plate

Now that we have our's time for a little bit of AGT!!!

After my disgust with the results show of AGT.....seriously what fool is paying to watch those 2 girls sing or those creepy little kids dance???????   It's Vegas....the pyromaniac illusionist seriously should have stayed!
To drown my sorrows I remembered the pound cake so I grabbed a slice and warmed for about 10 seconds in the microwave.  Our micro is nuclear level so 10 seconds is a LOT for it.

then I picked up this at the grocery....don't judge  I had a coupon!!!  :0)

and then I did this

dear Lord.... please forgive my brain for doing this to my thighs and remember when you decide to punish thighs were innocent, just make my brain bigger!!!   amen

Peace, Love and Yummies's a beautiful day!!

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