Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday craft updates

well as busy as I was yesterday I'm the opposite today!!  ☺

I have to hurry because hubby and I are taking Flat Stanley to downtown Ft Worth and out to Arlington.  We got Flat Stanley in the mail so I'm looking for some Flat Stanley clothing for him to wear. gotta dress the part when you are traveling!!!   Should be fun plus it's just hubby and I today....that is a rare occurance and hopefully we'll have a great day!!

OK remember this poor balding plant I made
I finally got to Michael's and I'm proud to say....he's a plant club graduate and is sporting a full do now!

Here he is from the front...he's a very happy plant with a full "head" of leaves

I have a real plant downstairs that is kinda special to me and he took a fall a few weeks ago so I got him so fake moss stuff to go around the outside and he is feeling a little perkier

As I was browsing the aisles at Michaels the fall stuff was really calling my name.... I found a few things on sale and I thought I'd pop together a little fall arrangement.  You know for the color and everything maybe it'll help me forget that it's still 100 degrees outside and that I'm really ready for some cooler weather.

Kinda "fally" looking and it matches the bedroom quite well... so I plopped him on top of the chest in the bedroom and there he sits reminding me of fall.

Yeah....and if I had some'd all be good in the bedroom! haha   Unfortunately there are 4 windows and I have the most difficult time finding curtains I like that are reasonably priced soooooooo no curtains ANYWHERE downstairs and it's starting to drive me bonkers!!!   Bet you can't guess what my next projects are that I'm trying to convince hubby of????

Time to run...
Peace, Love and Yummies

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