Thursday, May 26, 2011

beachin' knew I'd have to get some beach stuff worked in here sooner or later so here we go.

Monday morning, the Abogg and his friend Tdub and I began our journey at the delightful hour of six a.m.
Why you ask??  My answer...Dallas traffic!   The goal to miss the Dallas morning traffic AND it's a good solid 12 1/2 hour drive.   Might as well get started early and get it over with.

Here are some highlights of our first couple of days
Disclaimer:  please bear with the poor quality of photos, the only camera I have with me is my dear little blackberry phone. ;0(

This is a crawfish po'boy 
You should have one at this's amazing!

This is crossing the Atchafalaya River
The water is really really high!!

This makes me miss living in Pensacola
I love this sign...all the tackiness about it is so awesome!

So we roll into town and get the car unloaded and the boys and I are hungry
We go to Waffle house, it's right next door to our condo.
I have a BLT and hash browns smothered and peppered
Life is already good

I'm at the beach and now life is REALLY good!

I'm at the beach, reading my new kindle....Life is really really really good
(please ignore the lovely spider veins on my legs..thank you)

The boys are sleeping on the beach....shortly after this they proclaimed "it's hot"
Really????  hadn't noticed   heehehehe

well the nap energized them and now they are off to boogie board

Second morning from our balcony.....yellow flag again but it's gonna be another great day!

well, that's it, short and sweet today.  I've already run my 2 miles this morning and reserved our beach umbrellas and chairs so I'm off to the beach and the kids are all still sleeping.  I have 4 now...Court and AustinStone arrived late last night.   Stay tuned my peeps!!!

Peace, Love and Beachin' yummies!

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