Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jalapeno Egg Salad....and cats and dogs together??!!

hey there...it's Tuesday and you know the way the fashion trends are going it may be soon when I can actually wear a TuTu on Tuesday!! Awesome I know!!!!  LL and I went to Canton the other day and we were seeing more "grown up" versions of the TuTu's for adults.  Little square dancy-little cowgirlish but paired with a cute tshirt, wide belt and some cowboy boots!!!  Oh the joy!!!

Anyway we are gonna do a recap then the egg salad don't cha know!

We had these salads the week after Easter...you know to use up ham, boiled eggs and what nots in the fridge.  Yummo I tell you just yummo!!!

I made this one night for my dinner...yeah sue me ok??
Angel food mini cake, blue bell homemade vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce, almond toffee crumbles, whipped cream and SPRINKLES!!!   
and this is yet another use for those leftover Easter eggs 
yummy and nutritious!

ok...enough folly rah.....time for the Jalapeno Egg Salad
a great use for 6 of those Easter eggs!!!

Ingredients used (there will be modifications next time)
You MUST use colored eggs or this recipe just won't work right I tell ya!
hee hee not really but it sure makes it prettier!!

First grind up those jalapeno's and don't worry, they were seeded so it wasn't too spicy

now...grind up about 6 of those leftover easter eggs :0)

Mix in all the other ingredients

make yourself a nice lightly toasted sandwich with some chips, pickles and the rest of a huge costco tub of tomatoes. Enjoy!!!

Here's the link to the printable with all the details

Lilli the cat...ventured out into the sun on the patio
(why yes I spray painted something red on my back porch..problem??)

good grief what is this world coming to??? cats and dogs on the patio TOGETHER????
why do you think I grabbed the camera?

Kiss dog....she's not feeling too well today :0(

soooo one last question for those of you with a Macbook....I load the images into Iphoto from the camera, edit them but when I go to add them to this blog, I only can choose the original unedited photos??  If I want the edited photos I have to restart the laptop and only then can I upload the edited photos.  What gives? It this a mac thing? Is this a "I don't know what I'm doing thing? a blogger thing??

Help me Rhonda!! or Charley or Alice or LaFunda or anyone???

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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