Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A plethora of mishmosh

Maybe you are wondering where on earth I've been....maybe you haven't??  Maybe that is just the reason you haven't seen anything from me lately. Yes, it's true, I've just been in a down in the dumps bloggy mood. You know the mood...where you think why bother? no one really cares what we had for dinner, or what we did over the weekend, no one is even reading this anyway, I'll never be the next Pioneer Woman. Yep peeps... a serious case of the self doubts and no availability of any self worth going on with this here blog.  I decided just to force myself to write a post...hoping maybe someone somewhere would read it and it would make them laugh or smile or hey, maybe even think at least my life is better than hers, then I suppose it would be worth plodding along.  So off we go to the races!!!

It has been a busy week...we had a dear friend in from Kansas and made this for dinner:
Looks deelish.... doesn't it?  It was!!!  That is some juicy porterhouse steaks from the ole' Central Market grilled up beautifully by the Abogg.  The salad is from this delightful place in Boyd, Texas called GoGo Gumbo, it's his GoGo Salad and I learned to make it in one of his cooking classes. You should definitely  gogo there, it's worth the drive!!   Also those are baked potatoes, half peeled then slits cut in the potato with bacon pieces stuffed between each slit. Yep, they were THAT good!!  If you want a few more details on those taters....go over here.  Next time...I think I may throw a little cheese on top just before they finish baking. Hey...go big or go home!

Then we had a sweet sixteen birthday to celebrate.  I bought her these because they aren't near our house and they are two of her favorite treats

A nice dozen of Dunkin' Donuts finest

Godiva chocolate covered strawberries!

Then I made these for her birthday....

They are strawberry cakes with strawberry BUTTERcream icing. 
If you read the recipe you will know why I capitalized butter cream.
Go to this site and find the complete instructions for clogging up your arteries.

I did make a new variation of potatoes in the oven which I will share the recipe with you later.
No really... I promise to share because they were super duper yummy.

Took a walk in the neighborhood with the hubster and my brother in law who is visiting with us for a few weeks.  Saw some cows, took a picture. Yes, I am totally in love with cows for some reason but not the longhorns, they kind of freak me out!

The following were taken from the roof of our house....

Hmmm, mysterious crop circles showing up in the yard??

and strange lines being drawn.....

all around the house???????   wonder what's up???

and we had tacos last night....yep, I'll remind you how to make a much better version of your taco meat later this week too.   Don't worry, it's just as easy and doesn't take much effort at all!

Well, that's all I got today peeps.  I suppose it's a start and you can tell me...hey Samma, you're right nobody cares about your dumb blog or hey better post those recipes like you promised or hey Samma.....(you fill in the blank)   but be nice..... I'm having a tough time with this right now :0)

Peace, Love & Yummies!!!

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