Friday, May 27, 2011

More beach

Yep...more beach stuff!  Yeah, sorry I'm still not doing any cooking but don't worry the hubster arrives and that will all change tomorrow!

For now you get more cruddy phone photos for updates....don't worry, the camera should be coming too!

yeah, we're having sandwiches for lunch on WHITE bread. 
That's how you know you're on vacation, the healthy stuff gets tossed for the week.

the B's.....beach, book, beer's good stuff!!

My dinner last night.  Yellowfin tuna..........lalaaaaa  hea.ven!!!

One of my new favorite pics.  The boys walking back from dinner.  
I just really love this shot...I mean like really really love this picture!

This was Thursday
Water still "seaweedy" and the flag status went from yellow to red.
Still a bad day at the beach is better than no day at the beach...right??

AustinStone and Tdub started on a sand castle building project

and then there were three.
Yep the Abogg moved in to help in construction

And boy was he glad he did...he found 10 bucks buried in the sand

Apparently they are building a "reflecting pool" or so I was told

I thought this was more sand castle status 

Project complete
They built a sand bench with their feet in the reflecting pool

They are feeling very proud and even though there is an impending storm they are holding down their fort !

Searching the seas for signs of bad weather

I just thought you should see the three of them just sitting there on their sand bench
crazy boys!

They abandoned the fort when it was time to think about Dinner.
We went to this delightful place

Irish boxtys
....basically it's fried cheesey mashed potatoes and we found this quite humorous on the menu

IRISH BOXTYS An old Irish favorite, “Boxty on the griddle, boxty in the pan; if you can’t make boxty, you’ll never get a man”. Garlic Mashed Potatoes hand rolled in Herbed Bread Crumbs and Flash Fried. Served with Salsa, Guacamole Dip and a Horse Radish Sour Cream Sauce

No matter what they are deeeeelish!

This is the house bread and butter....waaaaaaaa and the angels sing!!!

This is Tdubs LARGEST plate of nachos.....EVER!

Irish pub...I had fish & chips
also amazing
There was also a photo of Courts Shepherds pie but for some reason it won't transfer...bummer
It was lovely!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!!

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