Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday madness

Hi deee hoooo peeps!!!
It's Monday and I have just been in a blogging fog lately.  I don't think I'm alone either as I've noticed that several of the bazillion blogs I follow have felt the same way.  I'm just trying to stay with it and keep plugging along so once again we have some recaps coming your way today.
On the bright side...the Abogg got home yesterday from school and he'll be here until the 31st and Court should get here next week and will also be heading back on the 31st.  Summer sessions for both of them but in the meantime I'm gonna try and cook a little bit hopefully and get myself back on track.

Hold on and bear with's a photo recap of the things I remembered to photograph last week.

Dinner one night.....just emptied a can of diced tomato's in a skillet, added some red pepper flakes and a little bit of italian seasoning and let it simmer on the stove while the pasta was cooking. The bread...well that's a little bit of sin from the Schwan's man.  

Control your excitement...... I cleaned out the freezers!!!
This is the one in the laundry room and man did it ever need some straightening up.
Now it's all organized AND labeled.  yes I labeled my freezer and I'm a dork :0)

this is the bottom drawer in the kitchen
Fruits and treats on the left, meats and potato stuffs on the right

This is the top drawer and these are all kinds of frozen fresh veggies that I have put away with my 

I love it and it helps me save all that yummy fresh produce that I get so excited about at my Sprouts store.

In the process of cleaning out the freezer I found just one too many boxes of cookie dough.  You know the kind your kids sell and you someone end up with the bulk of it shoved in the back of your freezer??

So I baked up those cookies, let them cool (really let them get cold is the word..trial and error here folks)
then I used my small scooper and scooped out some vanilla ice cream onto one cookie and then added a second cookie on top.

then I sampled know in the name of research and all

then I packaged them up and yes I labeled them.
Yeah, me and my labeler are good friends...REALLY good friends!!

One night we had Taco Salad.  We were supposed to have tacos but I forgot to pick up the tortillas so we had salad. Eh, it's ok I have a big bucket of lettuce that needs to be finished anyway.
I tell you what...those new tostitos are some kind of good!!! Tostitos Artisan Recipes - Roasted Garlic & Black Bean, 9.75 oz (Pack of 3)

Saturday was Derby Day and for this displaced Kentucky girl I still make someone watch the Derby with me every year.  It's ok...I make them mint juleps!!  
This year we were invited to a Derby party and we ladies were supposed to wear hats. Well I decided to break out the glue gun.  Bought myself a big floppy number at the walmarts and headed over to the craft section and picked up some fake red rose stems then off to the toys were I found me a nice little plastic horse. Glued all that onto my little hat and off we went.   I think it's lovely...albeit a tad heavy!

Mothers Day and it's off to the ballpark.  Tickets to see the Rangers/Yankees game with the guys.
Arlington ballpark on the left, JerryWorld on the right (home of my most favorite team the Cowboys!)

we love the Rangers but my son and I love us some ARod too!

even when he hits foul balls  :0)

David Murphy...the Aboggs favorite player for the Rangers
(hint: he is #7, the Aboggs old baseball number and he is a Baylor alum)

Here's some stats on the Murph

And here is my baby boy and I enjoying the game
well enjoying the game and sweating to death... I believe my son said it best when he said we were all gonna have "swamp butt"  and for todays TMI...yes we did!!!

oh and David Murphy plays left field... a position my boy played for quite some time before moving to first base

I believe this is Jeter...the man was on fire!!  Just when you think he should be retiring he has an amazing day! I'm not a huge fan of his but he gets my respect..he's a heck of a baseball player.

sold out game but as you can see the heat started getting to lots of folks and well..after the Yankees homerun derby started they just bailed.
we stayed, we got sunburned...the end

he was hot and making faces and I think a little ready to head out of there too

and now we over.  A 12 to 5 beating from the Yankees. Oh well, there's the next series and at least they didn't sweep us!  

Now...I must go be productive as I have set some goals and guidelines for myself.  
See, I really am trying to get off the computer and get somethings done!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!

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