Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday's good plans gone bad

Paducah TV station

hey my peeps! It's Monday and while I had full intentions of writing about our weekend making the rounds with the college kiddos and yummy foods and I still have an Easter dish or two left to blog but "life" got in the way.  First I had to go pick up the dog at the kennel.. in the pouring rain...while it's storming, which she hates.  This also meant that a stop to pick up the dry cleaning was NOT a good idea.  Next I had to take hubsters car in for service.  Waited forever while another gentleman chatted endlessly (great repair shop but don't go if you are in a hurry, chatty folks)  then the owner drove me back home while the car was getting repaired.  Dry cleaners def. out of the question now...that moves till tomorrow.  Doing laundry...doorbell rings, current renter of ours with fence damage discussions.  Back inside more laundry, a few insurance forms to fill out and submit. Can't do anything that is time consuming or it will be interrupted by car being ready......OR so I thought. Car in shop overnight for repairs not just service, guess that dry cleaning will wait until Wed.  Discover I had a dr. appt this morning that I missed and realized that Mothers Day is SUNDAY!!!  Top all that off with being completely consumed with Facebook and keeping up with my hometown of Paducah, KY.  It's sad folks and I intend to watch a live stream on the internet at 5pm of a news conference. Tornadoes in Alabama, flooding in Ky, Tn, Il., etc.  I think we all need to stop and pray.....just pray.
To all my friends and family in Kentucky....I love you guys and I'm praying for this to be over.  Be safe!

I'll be back tomorrow with an attempt to regain control over my schedule but in the meantime...pray.

Peace, Love & Prayers!

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