Saturday, June 11, 2011

not so extreme couponing update

Hey there & Happy weekend!!!

well just a few updates from the crazy world around here.
First up my "extreme couponing' shopping trip was a tad lackluster.
First was a stop at Target...where they had NOTHING that I went in after!!   I was so aggravated that I wasn't even tempted to shop. No kidding, I walked in and out of Target and bought nothing..nada..zilch!
First time for everything I suppose!!

Second stop Office Depot. SCORE....Walked in with 3 empty color cartridges and walked out with brand new HP 920 color set. Retail price 27.99 +tax.  OOP for me...$0!!! Thanks to my Office Depot rewards certificate and a mail in rebate for paper!  Take those empty cartridges in to your office depot and they'll send you a rewards certificate for recycling those bad jamas.

Third stop...Walmart. Yeah....hubster says it was a good job for a first try at "real" couponing but I was disappointed. This is what I got for $27.08.  It was a 57% savings on my total. Not bad, everything we would normally buy at some point but now I just have some on hand.  In case you are wondering about the efferedent.... that stuff is amazing for retainers and night time mouth guards!  The Aboggs orthodontist told us to use it, just drop the retainer in the cup with the denture cleaner after you take it out in the morning and come bedtime...a minty fresh retainer for your mouth!  Hubster uses it for his bite guard.

Meanwhile I've been busy as a bee around here. Finally getting my honkus in gear and getting some stuff finished.  First up I cleaned off that nasty little hotspot by the calendar.  I can actually see the calendar AND we are in the correct month!!  That's progress folks!!!

I know it's not perfect but this is pretty much as good as that area gets.


Now for the breakfast bar!!!
Ta- da!!!!!!  It's all nice and clean.
And no, there is no fruit in the fruit bowl, there is medicine for Kiss dog and the Mere bear.   Hey but my counter is clean and I like that!


the calendar hotspot area by the phone
(Don't look Mim....there is a razorback item there for you that I need to ship :0)

Of course what we cleaning up be if you didn't make a whole other mess in the process??
This was my kitchen table until about 11 pm last night.  I switched from a small 3x5 index card box to the binder system for my coupons.   Boy was that a mess and then my stinking label maker ran out of labels.  Talk about tragic!!!  Any who I've got that mess all cleaned up today, my checkbook balanced and I'm about ready to head to the cost of co. and see how bad the damage will be there.  yeah, they don't take coupons ;0(

In the meantime, here is a little teaser about the next recipe you'll see.

Peace, Love & Yummies!!!

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