Monday, June 27, 2011

Why I......

....have been missing, and assorted bits of odd information.

It's been crazy around here and I've just been completely spazzed, my apologies for my lack of posts. 
I wish I could promise I will be better and post every day but then I'd be lying and I hate that so I'll just be honest, I'm gonna post as much as I can and hope you will truck along with me.

First order of's H O T !!!! I'm not complaining I'm just stating a fact.  It's hot, very hot, very very very hot.
and we need rain.  the end.

Second....please don't try to plan a vacation that satisfies 3 teenagers (technically two are 20 now but let's not nit pick here) and only have a tiny limited time frame that everyone can go and think that you will make everyone happy.  It's just not gonna happen....I'm about to give up and you know, even if I plan the best vacation ever I'll still not do something that someone wants and they'll end up blaming me for the "failed" vacation. It's already happened once this year, it'll happen again I'm sure.  whew...I feel like Eeyore all of a sudden! 

Moving along.....let's play a little game I've dubbed "Why I......"

Why I love the dollar store

A fourth of July napkin, a clear candle holder, a clear plate, some decoupage and glue will get you this custom cake plate.   Wonder what kind of yummies I'll put on that plate for the 4th?

Why I'm obsessed with bedside coasters.

You get a new one every season, holiday, mood AND you don't get rings on your furniture.

Why I love saving everything

This was an old 4th of July wreath and an old valentines day wreath...combined together

Why I don't take my husband shopping with me.

We come home with approximately 24 12-packs of sale beverages.
on the bright side...guess what I don't have to buy the rest of the summer!

Why I do take my husband shopping!

He convinces me to buy completely impractical objects such as this little cotton candy machine works and it's soooo cool!

Why I coupon

yes...I coupon to save money so I can buy completely re-donk-you-lous pairs of shoes.
Mind you I have no job... I stay home and most days don't shower until sometime after noon but yeah, these cuties just screamed to me.  The nice man at Famous Footwear didn't have my size so he mailed them to my house....for FREE. They arrived today and I smiled.

Yep... I love them and because I save money other places I can occasionally treat myself to something like these little beauties (yes, they were on sale...a little)

Why I shop the clearance aisles

As much as the rumpus bustin' wally world  drives me crazy...there's no denying the ability to score an awesome deal.   These little cuties were on sale for $4.  One has tea and the other lemonade...a perfect summer situation I think.

Diet Coke, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

Why I miss giving up artificial sweeteners

oh my beloved..oh how I miss thee.  It's been 3 weeks and I still crave you every morning but you are bad for me and I've let you go.   ;-(    (sniff sniff)

Peace, Love & Yummies my friends!

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