Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's grilled chicken got to do with perfectionism?

nothing much except my train of thoughts today!!!

I'm just sitting here in the quiet of the morning. I got up early (6:50am) and yes, that's early for me.  Hubster was leaving for work and the Mere was up and going soon too.  I had to take Kiss dog for her short walk.  She's only allowed to walk in the early mornings now and only for less than 10 minutes.  She wasn't ready to come back but she's been sacked out ever since and hasn't touched her food.  Poor thing....she wants to be young again; but then again, don't we all?

Like I said it's quiet, only the sounds of the ceiling fans whirring and the clicking of my keys on the keyboard.  I read an amazing blog entry that talked about how the family stays seated after a meal and the father opens the bible and reads. Every meal every amazing is that and yes, they have children!!  The bible is left in a box beside their table so it's right there ready for them. I admire the discipline and am humbled by the way they choose their family and the Word over the busyness of their daily lives.

 I'm a little bit of a perfectionist, I've worked so hard to get past some things but it just is hard for me to let go. For those of you who don't know my background I raised my son from the time he was 2 until he was 17.  Just the two of us in the house and for so long when he was small, if it needed to be done I had to do it.  I learned to let other people step in and help me and God blessed me and my Abogg with the most AMAZING church family at Lone Oak Baptist Church and some incredibly loving co-workers at Western Baptist Hospital not to mention some of the best baseball coaches for a little guy. They SHOWED me what being a christian really was about.  You can talk all you want but until your actions reflect what you are're doing more harm than good.  Fortunately for me and the Abogg these folks were the real deal.  I like to think I learned something from them and that my heart is kind and that I don't give "Christianity" a bad rap.  Back to the perfectionism subject....when you are alone and have to do so many things yourself you just get caught up in your "right" way of doing things.  I'm bad about that and since I'm not working and trying so very hard to do everything around the house to make up for my lack of employment the perfectionist in me has charged back with brutal force.  However, since we've been home from vacation I seem to still be in beach mode!!  So to let all of you know, how un-perfect I really am I am going to share with you the disasters of my home at the moment.  If you know know this kills me to share:

This is my breakfast bar...that is mail that still needs some form of "action" on my part
you see the Sprouts ad with the sharpie marker...that was so Merebear could add to my list.
(p.s.--we're ever so excited to have Mere with us--she's gonna hang with us for awhile, hope we don't bore her to death)
Of course there's my laptop, some new Costco coupons and my morning diet coke
It's looked like this for 3 days now and I'm not seeing a change today, well the bowl will probably have some fruit in it when I get back from Sprouts  :0)

This is my Hotspot (if you know FlyLady you understand)
This spot is the worst spot in the house, everything gets dumped here and when I go completely nuts or can't see the calendar (yes, it's under there somewhere) I'll straighten it up but it will quickly go back to a mini Chernobyl

This is my pile of coupons to be cut, sorted and filed 
This is the window seat of the breakfast area
I have to get to this, I'm going to the grocery soon

This is my laundry room
I got tired of it all and now this stuff is still hanging out waiting on me to put away
I also have several airbrush tshirts that need to be washed from vacation
oh and Merebears bed is the only bed upstairs with sheets on it.

This is Kiss dogs duck in the middle of a dusty floor
why? she left it there
why the photo-? I tripped over it
did I pick it up? no, it's still in the same spot

Today is dusting day of the cleaning regime and it may not get done. I'll probably go with Merebear up to the pool again.  That's what we've done for the past few afternoons. 
I'm really trying to enjoy the moments and not focus on the cleaning.

This was my breakfast and now there's and empty plate sitting next to my computer...sigh

But speaking of food!!!  Let's talk dinner!!
(was that a segue or what??)
I've made this before but I'm showing you again because Hubster acted like he'd never tasted this chicken.  He loved it..even though it's full of "bee stingers"  hee hee

Just some chicken tenders coated with lemon juice, Tony Cachere's and some honey.
The Clorox wipes??  well you should be really careful when you open your chicken or you'll dump gooey chicken juice all over the floor.  That should be cleaned up right away
Just put all that in the pan and cover and pop in the refrigerator until dinner time

Find the Schwann's man, get this and thank me later
No can thank me later

This is the grilled up chicken
Blurry picture kind of ...I think my sugar was low waiting on Hubster to get back with the lettuce

This is what we did with the chicken. 
I put out a big bowl of salad toppings and the chicken and we each made our own.
That chicken is good!!!  

I'm off peeps...I do have to tackle that coupon pile you know because I have to get to the grocery soon because I need to think about dinner and I'm sure when the Merebear gets home, she'll want to go to the pool this afternoon and she shouldn't go alone, she might get a cramp or something :0)

Remember to feed your bellies and your soul today!!!

Peace, Love & Yummies

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