Tuesday, June 14, 2011

there are no titles sufficient

So as you can probably tell there is going to be no rhyme or reason for today's post...some days you just go with it.

This is my lunch on Sunday....I made the chicken salad on Saturday and Hubster made me a nice sammie, with these new Jalapeno Ranch popcorn baked ranch chip things and some nice tomatoes.
I ate it .... it was good, the end.

I made some home made ice cream last night from a new recipe

This was the chicken I made for dinner.
You can find the recipe and instructions over here
I made this before and yes, it's still Some Kind of Amazing Chicken

This was dinner and it was yummy for my tummy

Since you are wondering....the camera has been set on beach mode ever since we got home and all our pictures have a funny tint to them. I think we fixed it sometime last night.

This was the ice cream, Strawberry Marshmallow.  It was good but just way way way toooooo creamy for any of us.  I think next time I split up the half and half with some milk.

This is Kiss dog...she wanted ice cream but she didn't get any. Sorry Kiss dog!!

This was a bowl of said ice cream, see it even looks really extra creamy

These are skewers, wine corks, ice pick and a sharpie marker
(the sharpie is MIA from the photo_as it usually is from the pencil cup)

I just wrote the name of the herb on the cork 
pierced the cork with the ice pick, inserted a skewer and then plucked them in the pots

Here we have Mr. Basil

Mr. Dill 

and of course, Mr. Thyme

On the phone front...My new one came today, it looks like this
HTC ThunderBolt 4G Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)

I think I love it....but I don't know how to do much of anything with it.  :0)

That's all for today and if you stayed with me through this whole boring post...then bless your pea pickin' little ole' heart because I think I bored myself.   See ya tomorrow peepers!

Peace, Love & Yummies

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