Monday, September 24, 2012

Chicken & Chickpea Chopped Salad

Happy Monday Peepers!!!

I'm waiting on the Verizon man to come do a little switching out on our DVR's and I figured I better get started on this post before you know Monday's over and I never go around to it.

I made this little yummy salad last week for dinner.   It was a change from our normal Big Salads Samma night.

Let's have us a little salad.  Here is the printable if you want to follow along.


In a big bowl toss in your choice of salad greens.
We had a mixture of romaine and some shredded iceberg leftover from taco's.
Just whatever you have or whatever you like.
We're not picky here.

LUCY..... I think I need a bigger bowl!!!

Add in the chicken and chickpeas.
I use the big cans of chicken from Costco/Sam's Club.
If you use the chicken make sure you drain and rinse the chicken.
Also drain and rinse those chickpeas please.

Now add the grape tomatoes.
Just give them a nice lop in half.

You can add in a little cilantro too.
Unless your hubby is like mine and doesn't really care for cilantro.
Then you can leave it out for now and add it to your bowl in a bit.

I wasn't sure how much onion I wanted but it was definitely more than this.
I did grill it because I'm not super crazy about raw onions.

Chop up the onion and add it to the bowl.

Take that gorgeous corn and plop it in a bowl and shave off those kernels.
Seriously....roasting that corn makes a huge difference.  But you know if it's wintertime and you can't get your hands on fresh corn then the canned or frozen will do.

Add that to the bowl.
LUCY...the salad is getting big!!!!

Take just a bit of the Smoked Tomato Dressing and toss the salad.
Just until it's lightly coated not drowning in dressing.

Now move that to your bowls.

See the salad is swimming in the dressing!!

Add the feta cheese and avocado slices to the top.
Oh and the cilantro if you wish.

You can also drizzle on a little more of the same salad dressing or if you want be like the Hubster and toss some ranch dressing on there.  Heck you can even be like the Mere and just pour the whole bowl full of dressing now!!!  It's your salad after all.

Here's the printable!

I think it's definitely a keeper and since we are still hanging out in the mid 90's around here the summer food is still on our menu.   You guys and your cool weather and your pumpkin temptations....sheesh!!!

Is is warm or finally feeling like fall where you are?   Are you glad you don't live with us and be forced to consume salads several times a week??  Are you happy I always put a little meat on the salad? too!!!!     However the next dish I bring you will be vegetarian.  Shock and dismay I know!!!  Don't forget to come back tomorrow, it's Tuesday Tumblings!!!

Peace, Love & still summer Yummies!!!

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