Friday, September 21, 2012

Pinteresting Projects

Happy Friday Peeps!!!
I actually have two yes say it with me TWO food posts to do for you but since it's Friday and I'm lazy and I have about a dozen potatoes waiting on me to prep for the freezer I'm just going to go with something quick and easy.  (whew what a long run on sentence that was!)

I also think it's time I started do some sort of regular Pinteresting Project Posts. You know so I can weed out some of the stuff I've pinned and actually give you more stuff to pin or not on your boards.

Today's project was my breakfast.
Let's just start this one out with....I'm still hungry.  :0(

Lately this has been a popular pin

You know 1 banana and 2 eggs make an OMG Amazing pancake.
Yes my friends I too was very excited.  I have a small window of eating opportunity on bananas.
It's like about 8 hours after they come home from the store green.
Can't stand soft mushy ripe bananas.  So I'm thinking aha!!! This recipe could be a saving grace to me.
Good for me, easy and 2 ingredients AND another option besides banana bread.

Well this is how the morning started.

Take a banana

Two eggs

Mash the banana up, mix it with the two eggs and in my case hit it with a little cinnamon.

I just grabbed a small skillet and started making my banana pancake.
And singing Jack Johnson very loudly.
Yeah, good thing I'm home alone!!

It made two pancakes, perfect for my morning breakfast.
I take a bite and spit it in the sink!
Ugggh, it tasted like scrambled eggs with a banana.

Thinking I might can salvage this perfectly healthy breakfast after all,
I smear butter over the pancake and add some pancake syrup.
yeah...there goes the health factor

I ate this then I had another bite just to make sure and sure was pee yew yucky!

Pinterest fail and I'm removing it from my board you know, in case I get amnesia or something and look at my boards and decide to make it again.   Gotta plan ahead you know!!

So much for my lovely breakfast out on the back porch enjoying the slightly cooler temps.
Oh well at least my chocolate milk was good!!

Do you have an Pinteresting fails or celebrations?
What are they? Anything I should search my boards and immediately remove?
Tell me tell me please, I trust you guys so much more than the average stranger.

As for me and my bananas, I guess it's back to banana bread!

Peace, Love & sometimes not so Yummies!

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