Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tousled Tuesday September 18th.

Wow!!! I've done it 4 weeks in a row!!
Yep that also means that I've pretty much not done any "post worthy" cooking in that amount of time.
Sad I know but let's stay focused here and celebrate my first month of Tuesday ramblings!!

It's been a long busy week so batten down the hatches, we're gonna be here awhile. I may not have cooked but I certainly managed to take photos. For this I blame Instagram.

(if you want to follow me on Instagram my name is SammaSpot, I'll follow you back 'cause I'm a stalker at heart)

First up for the week... Book wine  club.
Host provides soup and wine, club brings salad fixings and laughter.
Sometimes we talk about the book, sometimes we don't!
(no we didn't intentionally all dress to match Nancy's dishes)

I did cook some this past week.
No, really I did.

I've made it a thousand times and it never gets old.

Friday morning I had pop tarts.
Brown Sugar Cinnamon toasted with butter.
I'm not ashamed.

Friday night Hubster and I went to GrapeFest.
We had dinner first at a lovely little Mexican place called Esparza's.
It was a little chilly and cloudy but that's a welcome relief in Texas so we dined outside on the patio.
It was a nice night just the two of us for a change.

This is an ice sculpture.
I had only consumed approximately 1 1/2 glasses of wine at this point.
(side note: margarita at dinner and some beer had already been consumed)

This is a very bad photo of my really cool new blinky wine glass.
Don't laugh, people come from all over to buy a new one of these each year.
(I've now lost count of the amount of beer, wine and margaritas I've consumed)

This is he**, no really I'm positively sure this is where you go potty in he**
It's a very sound reason for me to remember to be a good Christian and to mind my p's and q's.
In my life it's called the Fear of God and the Fear of Porta Potties.
(when you drink a lot of beer, wine and margaritas you will need to spend time in these whether you like it or not)

While I was sipping guzzling wine my sweet Abogg and his friend went galavanting off to Knoxville, TN.   They went to the Tennessee vs Florida game.   Item #1 of the Abogg's bucket list is now complete.   That grin never left his face all weekend I'm sure.

Saturday LauraLoo and I hit up The Dallas Flea.
I bought so much stuff and we're gonna get to most of it.

After we shopped till we dropped we needed sustenance.
Happily provided by this food truck.

#1 Classic --yeah it pretty much was an awesome grilled cheese!

A trip to Home Goods provided my inner quirkiness with some fun stuff.
A trip to Francesca's provided my husband with a large bill. I blame LL's daughter for this.
We had to stop in there to get a gift for a birthday party and I ended up buying all kinds of stuff I didn't know I needed!!

Got these at The Flea.
Yes, I need an E and NO I'm not putting "AT" on the wall.
It will be EAT. geesh

Globes can never be left behind....never!

LL and I loaded up on old film reels.
I also got an old book because I was really sure I pinned this super cool craft on Pinterest that required an old book buuuuutttt  I didn't. 

After all that shopping and bopping we went to watch the Mere cheer.
Yep, football this week was on Saturday.

Really your husband doesn't do this to your den before the Saints play??

Oh lucky me!!!

At least I had really bad awesome football food to eat.
That's a chili dog with queso and jalapeƱos in case you couldn't tell.

Then it was time to get down to tending to 16 lbs of strawberries from the basket co-op this week.
I made about 10 jars of strawberry topping.  Good for ice cream, pancakes, waffles, cheesecake, shortcake, oatmeal, daiquiris.....do I need to go on??

There was also a small batch of golden plums in the basket. Hubster said they were ok but a tad tart.
hmmmmmmm.....let's make plum jam.

Oh gosh it's so good!!!   If you ordered a Bountiful Basket in Texas this past week and don't know what to do with those plums.  I HIGHLY recommend this.

So yesterday I had to get busy doing something with all my goodies from The Dallas Flea.

Reels up in the Media Room.
Yes, I know I need movie posters one thing at a time please.

LOVE LOVE LOVE my quirky big spoon and fork!!
Look my globe found a resting spot too.
(over the door on the right is where EAT will be going)

And this my mostest favoritest purchase of the day.
Remember those maps the teacher used to have over the chalkboard and she would pull down??
Yepper deppers I bought one!!!   Many thanks to LauraLoo who waited patiently while another girl decided which one she wanted so I could decide which one I wanted.

Seriously I think things like this is why LauraLoo and I shop so well together.  We have the patience to wait on each other while we make tough decisions on crazy purchases or wait to see if some lady is gonna set down a pair of shoes so LL can grab them!
(i.e.  The scoutmaster shirt I purchased.  No one but LL and I get the cool factor of it!)

Here's a closer image of the map.  Hubster had to hang it for me last night.
My little short legs can't reach over the stair rail to get to that ledge.

Here's my epiphany of the week......Buy what you love.
It may not make sense to anyone but you but if you love it and you can afford it, buy it.
What you'll find to do with it will work itself out if it's something you really love.
By the same token, if you don't LOVE it then leave it for someone else to love.

(caveat--if it's pink and sparkly your husband is probably NOT going to love it but then again my husband didn't "get" half my purchases, mostly the map and the scoutmaster shirt)

p.s. LL remember when I told you I was going to regret not picking up those old chemistry beakers....yep, so sorry I missed out on those but maybe they will have some in December??!!!

What's your quirky love?  What things are you learning as you get older?

Peace, Love & Quirkiness!!

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