Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tousled Tuesdays

Well peeps it actually Tuesday not Monday as my mind and body have tried to believe all day.
So here we go with my 2nd edition of Tousled Tuesdays or maybe better worded, Crazy Stuff I did and  ate in the last week.

Let's roll on:

Last week I made these on craft day with LauraLoo.  Which also reminds me....LL why did we not take a picture of your project??

It was a Pinterest project.

We also had a big storm pop up out of nowhere.
It was crazy.

But then there was a rainbow to make it all right again.

I had some really really really ripe bananas

This is Bourbon Banana Bread with chocolate chips and pecans.
That's the result of overly ripe bananas.

Another Pinterest recipe
I give it a B.
It was good but I probably won't make it again.
I thought it needed more bourbon. 
Then again I always think you need more bourbon.

Here is the link to the site where you can find the recipe.
Try it out, you'll probably like it.  Hubsters work buddies loved it.
I'm just hard to please this week when it comes to food.

Friday night brought back high school football and a Blue Moon.

And we got to watch this cutie cheer on her school.

Help us all, I've gotten back on the BabyCakes machine kick.
We had strawberry muffins and egg cups.
It's probably only the beginning of the madness of tiny foods again.

My dear brother in law may never come back to our house if I start this up again.
See here and here to understand why.

Our wonderful newlyweds came for a quick visit this weekend too.
Just so you know these are all of our wonderful children plus our new addition.
Are they not the most beautiful children ever????
I think so but I might be a tad biased.  *smile*

Saturday was also Bountiful Basket pick up day.

We also got a box of 24 lbs. of peaches with our basket.

So I made this & you can find the recipe here.
It was good, but my friend Melanie has ruined me for cobbler.
Her peach cobbler is amazing and nothing compares to it.
Mel...PLEASE send me the recipe.  Pretty please???

I put vanilla ice cream on the cobbler, it was all good.

This is what happened to the rest of the peaches.
Call me in January when you want a cobbler.

This is the peach jelly we made with the bits and pieces leftover.
I found the recipe over here.
Mine didn't set up, I think it had something to do with not enough pectin.
Totally my fault but it tastes wonderful!
Plus if you put it in the refrigerator it gets thicker.

The top row is Strawberry Jam with a slight vanilla bean flavor.
You can find this lovely creation over here.
I need to find a way to make the vanilla more prevalent in the jam.

My windowsill filled with the fruits (haha literally) of our labors this weekend.
Hubster, Brother in law and I were pooped!!
I still have about 8 pears and 6 or 7 hatch chili peppers to contend with.

Somewhere along the line there was a trip to the gun range with the Hubster and the brother in law.
It was a TAD bit muddy, just a tad.

I tried to complete Fat Mum Slims August Photo A Day Challenge.
Apparently my commitment time frame is about 3 weeks so I won't bore you with the details but I'd love it if you follow me on Instagram.  I'm SammaSpot over there and drop me a line because I'd love to follow you too!!!   I'm digging the Instagram craze because we ALWAYS have our phones with us so it's nice to put them to good use.  

What did you do this week??  Give me a shout out and I'll see you later gaiters!!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!!

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