Friday, November 18, 2011

Adventures in BabyCakes...part 1

Oh yeah...part 1 because I KNOW there will be sequels!

So let's start things off with I finally broke down and purchased this little baby

Yes folks you too can have one of these lovely little items.
I got mine Kohl's on sale WITH and extra discount...SCORE!

First thing...I decided to make egg cups

I got some egg beaters, some cheese, jalapenos, diced ham and tomatoes

and dumped it in the maker....yeah, I only tested one at a time
I had a few missteps...I tried using a piece of bread but the bread got too crunchy

I also tried the cheese on the top but that was a little hard to tell if the eggs were done
I found the best way was to put the egg beaters in, then the cheese, and then the veggies/meat

These were YUMMMYY to the max!! 
I can see making a bunch of these and freezing them for quick heat and go breakfast.

I'll experiment the next time with a piece of biscuit dough or crescent roll around them.

While I was digging around in the fridge-o-rator I found the little pre-made cookie doughs and said...
Why not??
So I did
It was good...really where was this little gadget when it was 150 thousand bazillion degrees outside and I couldn't use my oven???

WINNING!!!  So far egg cups and cookies are a success!

gosh I wish I had more tomatoes, those egg cups were so yummy!

So let's leave the Babycakes macine for awhile and make something with all these apples!
First we cut and core the apples.

Dump them in the crockpot

Now mix in the following:
1 teaspoon cinnamon
dash of nutmeg
3 Tbsp cornstarch
1 cup sugar

Now cut some cubes of butter up and dot over the top.
I used 3-4 Tablespoons
Turn on low and cook for about 6 hours

I just removed them from the crock pot and added them to freezer containers

Popped them in the freezer to save for later!

Back to BABYCAKES!!!

It was pretty chilly last night and for some reason tomato soup and grilled cheese was sounding pretty good!!! 

So I used a shot glass and cut some bread into tiny circles, melted a little butter and brushed one side of each circle with the butter.  
Butter side down in the machine then add some cheese then another circle of bread butter side up.
Let the bottom side brown and then flip (I did not close the machine for these)

TA DAAAAA....tomato soup and tiny little grilled cheese bites!!

pefecto for dunking in the soup!

First thing this morning I'm thinking..what can I make??
sorry...I get that way with new kitchen toys!

I found a box of Pumpkin bread mix in the pantry 
I mixed it up

you got it!!  Tiny little 2 bite pumpkin bread muffins
These were also yummy!!

I had a couple then froze some to see how they do when reheated.

Not to stop....I dug out a box of brownie mix

I should have stopped.....You MUST use the liners when making the brownies as the above photo shows so very well!!

and then even when you use should be careful when picking them up.
you might drop them...just sayin'

The brownies weren't pretty but they did taste yummo so I froze a few of those too!

Now if you'll pardon me, I'm off to find something tiny for lunch to make!!!
It's an illness, I'm sorry!!  And has anyone else noticed that I bought a BabyCakes CUPCAKE machine and I haven't even made a cupcake yet??!!!

Do any of you have a BabyCakes machine?  What is your favorite thing to make!

Peace, Love & Bite Size Yummies!!!


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