Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend wrap up...

 Happy Monday!!!

I swear I really do have some things to post that I've been cooking but it's been a little crazy around these parts so I'm just going to give you a quick weekend wrap up and make promises of good things to come!

First up:
I'm finally getting the area behind my stove tiled.  I am loving it but I'm also ready to be done with it.
I'm not very patient when it comes to home improvements! I have overwhelming desires to get my spaces back in order and tidy again. It's an illness I know!

This is the kitchen ready to get a face lift.
(and no...the walls weren't blank, I just took the picture after everything was pulled out)

This is the end of day 2- grouting complete.
We are now in the process of cutting the tiny tiles that will go down the sides where the wall meets the stone walls.

Second item:

Saturday morning I rose bright and early to pick up my Bountiful Basket.
I ended up arriving a bit early and got roped into doing some volunteer work.
Well worth it...this weeks basket was awesome!!!
All this for $15!!!!!!

I had to make a cake for the hubster since the kids were home for his birthday celebration.

It was pretty and it still looks the same minus about 2 small pieces
I was disappointed in the flavor given that I got the recipe off Pinterest and all.

My wonderful husband wanted to roast hotdogs and have chili for his birthday celebration.

We moved the table to the patio because hubster and BIL were working on putting some mortar in the spaces between the stones on the patio.

This my peeps is my firepit area finally completed!!
yep, the firepit is going and those new Adirondack Tete-e-Tete's got built and are ready for the fun

Fun we had!!!   We roasted hot dogs over the fire and then we had s'mores and we confirmed my dear son is a pyromaniac and I think my husband is too!!  I think my future son-in-law might have a touch of pyromania too!!    It was a really great evening and we all went inside stuffed of s'mores and smelling of fire!   I thought we should have thrown the tent in the yard and stayed out there myself!!

These are Mayonnaise  Rolls.
They are good.
If you want to make them,  go here.  
Easy and yummy!!!

I promise some good things later this week!
Peace, Love & Yummies!!


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