Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yummy warm from the oven Pot Roast

One day last week, I made a pot roast....IN THE OVEN.
No way...WAY!!!!
Yep, my poor crock pot must have felt dejected but I pushed through and did it.
I did of course use a reliable source for the recipe....the one and only Pioneer Woman!!!
She's never failed me yet, and I'm gonna do a quick recap of the recipe but definitely go over to her site and find her complete instructions.

So let's get on with the show...

Melt about 2-3 Tablespoons of olive oil or butter/oil combination.

Then toss the onions in the hot oil and just give them some color.

Now toss them off to the side in a dish

Now you can do the same thing for the carrots.

Then toss those in with the onions.


Celery and potatoes get the same treatment!

Now let's salt and pepper that roast.  I threw a little flour on there too, because I remember my grandmother doing that and that's a good enough reason for me!!  Strange the things we remember!

 Just brown that roast up really good on both sides.  We're not cooking it we are just giving it some color.

Toss him off to the side with the veggies because now comes some good stuff!

see all that yummy goodness in the pan?? Yeah, don't throw that away!!

Now pump that heat up to high and add about 1 cup of red wine or beef broth that goodness!
I used a combo of the two because well... I um might have drank almost all the wine.

This is called deglazing the pan and you want to scrape up all that yummy stuff all the bottom of the pan while it's bubbling away.

When the pan is sufficiently deglazed pour it over the meat.
(In case you wondered....I had to take everything out of the pan and put the roast on the bottom, then tuck veggies around the sides)  
Take the beef stock and cover the meat halfway.

Run outside to the yard and quickly snip off a couple of rosemary sprigs and some thyme.
(side note...for a roast this small, only 1 rosemary was necessary)

Just plop those on top

Slap a lid on it and bake in the oven on 275 degrees for 3-4 hours.
You know, until it just falls apart!

Face the wrath of the mess you made.....'s a wonder I could find anything.
Pot Roast day and Sprouts day should not occur on the same day if you wish to avoid disasters in your kitchen like this!

Now that your house smells all yummy and good and your mouth is watering....

it's time to eat!!

Especially those carrots....we scarfed down the entire bag of carrots in this roast and it was only two of us eating and we were wishing for more of them!

So go things like grandma and when you have the time, make a pot roast in the oven and a mess on the stove.  Your family will love you for it!

Peace, Love & roasted yummies!


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