Friday, November 4, 2011

When you are writing....

Do you prefer to use a pencil or a computer?

Good question.....I think it depends on what I'm writing. For instance when I'm doing my blog I write on the computer but if I'm making lists or keeping up with dates and things it's definitely a pencil or pen.  I'm a list lover, a paper lover and a I can touch it girl.  I've tried ever stinking online calendar personal management to do list app, program etc out there and you know what??   I love my good old Franklin Covey type system or has it's been known in my house for as many years as I can remember "my brain"  I've been known to go into dire panic attacks if I can't find it!   But you know if I need something it's in there and it's not lost on my phone is hung up in some app, or I'm on the phone or searching for a wireless signal, I can get to it and isn't that really the point of it all?

What about you??  You like the techie way of things or do you prefer the old fashioned way?

With that I leave you with the final random posts:
1) I finished cleaning the house (or so I thought) and sat down and was quite impressed that I finished early and then I realized....I forgot to vacuum the upstairs. DRATS!

2) This gorgeous fur ball is driving me insane!!  Don't even ask why. it's just gross!

3) I'm going to Canton tomorrow.   Lots of walking and shopping!!!! Oh yea!

Happy Friday ya'll!!

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