Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BabyCakes...take 2

Well folks...I told you there would be a follow up to part 1 of this series!
I had to calm down with the BabyCakes cooking because I was afraid my dear Brother-In-Law would rebel and stop tiling in my kitchen!!  I don't think he found tiny foods nearly as fascinating as I did!

For instance he passed on this little lunch snack......

I took the smallest biscuit cutter and cut some tiny little rounds of bread.
(this was actually not even two slices of bread--see it's a diet trick too!! You feel like you are eating so much more than you really are...GENIUS!!)

Now drag some lunchy meats stuffs out of the refrigerator
Here we have peppered turkey, colby jack cheese, pickles and mustard

First in goes a little bread then a little turkey

then a little bit o' mustard

followed by a pickle and the cheese and topped off with another tiny little bread circle
Just close the lid and toast those babies up until that cheese melts

Toss them on a plate with a few Bugles and there you have it!
A tiny little lunch!!

And since BIL skipped on lunch I hated for him to miss out on a day without tiny foods....

I made tiny cornbread for dinner

see the cute little cornbreads??
everybody say ahhhh..cuuuute!!!

Now so he doesn't completely rebel I decided to go ahead and make him some Taco Soup.
He was happy and I had more tiny food. Win Win!!

Then just to make sure I got my daily dose of tiny foods in:

I put one of the tiny brownies in a bowl with a scoop of ice cream and some hot fudge sauce.
Yummmmmoooooo and see.....portion control!!  WINNING again!

So have you caved to the BabyCakes machines yet?  Or the donut pan?
Tell me your favorite things to make.  Come on people...Share the love!

Peace, Love & Tiny Yummies!


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