Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tousled Tuesday....week 3!!!

Hey there again my peeps!!!
I mean this post is a little late going up but what the heck???  This is 3 weeks in a row!!!
I'm probably trying to pump myself up about being so proud that I've managed to do this 3 weeks in a row now because I swear I think I've lost my cooking mojo.
Maybe it's the in between seasons, I mean it's still hot and all but I'm really ready for fall food stuffs so I'm hoping for cooler weather so my mo will jo on back.

Here's what's happening on my phone/camera

I made this hatch chili pepper salsa kinda stuff.
It was pretty good, I need to make the rest of it but this time I'm using cilantro instead of the oregano leaves it called for.  Should have figured that out before.

We get this chicken stuff from Sam's or Costco. I'm not sure which but it's great.  Instead of putting it in wraps like shown we just have big salads.  You KNOW how much we love the salad around here.

Of course there was Friday Night Football again.
That's our little flyer girl. 

There is a balloon alien living at the end of my stair railing.
The Hubster insists that's where it stays too.

We made home made pizzas.

They were quite yummy.
Why yes I like cheese, why do you ask??

Those are the peaches we canned in the jar.
We had a jar that didn't seal so I busted it out of the refrigerator and put it on ice cream.
Wish we'd bought more peaches!!

This is our Meremaid.
Haha, Get it??  Mere maid???
First paying modeling gig.
She was a mermaid for a crazy large over the top birthday party for a 1 year old.
It was at the aquarium and it was fun for the MereMaid.

LauraLoo and I made a Texas Rangers wreath for her front door.
It's pretty awesome!

Yes I'm still eating avocado on my toast and I'm still in love with it.

The Hubster took me to Fuzzy's Taco Shop.
I had chicken nachos and beer. 
It's what I always have.
It's so good I really don't need to try anything else.

There was a manatee at the aquarium.
My very very most favoritest animal on earth.
I got some real manatee love!!!
Maybe one day I'll get to swim with them. hint hint

Choot 'em Lizbeth
If you don't watch Swamp People that made no sense.

It's quite a shame that little girl will never remember her first birthday party.
It was nice....real nice Clark.
(name that Christmas classic movie)

So that's it in a nutshell.  My book club is meeting tonight.  I am maybe 1/4 of the way through the book.  It's pretty good so I'm going to finish it so I'll probably not have time to read the book for  next month.  I'll probably just go drink wine and catch up since we skipped last month.
Here is this months book.

I also got to substitute for a kindergarten class today.  It was greatness.
I love little kids like that, they are sooo funny plus they think I'm just brilliant.
In case you wondered; red, purple, blue and green are the most popular colors of todays class.
I'm filled with super useful knowledge aren't I?
Oh and I'm the only one whose favorite was yellow. :0(

So how's your week been?
Mine has been awesome and I've done NOTHING at all according to my schedule and you know what?  That's just fine with me!!  If you haven't read yesterdays post, just click here to read it.
I think you'll understand that my perspective on things this week is a little different than usual.
And that's a good thing!!!!

Oh and by the way....Sons of Anarchy comes on tonight.
I am so ecstatic you cannot believe!!!  Give me some motorcycles, mayhem and Jax!!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!!

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