Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't stand still or I'll decoupage you!

It's Friday my Peeps!!  Happy Dance time!!!!!!

So at our house we are still overflowing with leftovers and the hubster had some leftover BBQ ribs from the crock pot on Super Bowl Sunday that were unearthed from the back of the fridge and those became his dinner last night.  Personally the thought of anymore chili, hot dogs, black bean burritos, etc was troubling me and I almost had frosted flakes.  However....I managed to make myself and English muffin pizza..I should have had the cereal. :0(   Whole wheat English muffins are awesome but NOT as a pizza crust. They become very sweet in the oven!  

So today you get a few new crafts I've been working on in my soon to be "new craft room formerly the exercise room".  Don't fret...I kept the treadmill in here and the health rider went to the curb for trash pickup except someone else picked it up before the trash.  I love curbside shopping!! The elliptical machine went to Courts room, it's hers and she is at college so it seemed the perfect spot for it. We've joined a wonderful gym in our town and since I'm too cheap to pay for something and not use it..this forces me to go to the gym instead of telling myself I'll workout at home. Now I'm planning and plotting on the room and hopefully before the end of the year it will be done!  ha ha no kidding it'll take that long probably.  Also to show my utter laziness I took the pictures with my new mac book 'cuz I'm to stinking lazy to walk down the stairs and get the camera.  My current preoccupation in the craft world is decoupage. Funny thing, I can remember my mom doing the same thing when I was a wee little tot.  She'd decoupage everything and now I'm doing the same thing except instead of making cute little plaques of Holly Hobby I'm making little jewelry trays or what nots from glass plates.

I made this little cutie for the Merebears bedside table.  She can use it as a coaster or to toss her jewelry in.

It was just a cute little candle holder with the pink jewels around the edge and I used some cute little tissues with her initial and decoupaged to the bottom of it.'s for Valentines Day!

Now the Court and I are currently obsessed with all things Anthropology except the prices.  I found this paper and thought it to be very anthro-ish and it screamed Court too.   I made her this little dish for her kitchen sink area to toss her jewelry in or maybe the top of her piano or heck, wherever she wants to put it.  I hope she likes's also a Vday surprise.

It was also a little candle holder and I like it because it has a nice deep lip all around it so the jewelry won't slide out and down the drain.  I popped a little foam fish shape ('cuz that's what I had!) on the bottom so it doesn't scratch around on the furniture.  I also coated the bottoms of both with a clear acrylic spray paint too.

Now, I'm working on an idea for a tray for the Aboggs bathroom for his contacts and such but I have to go pick up a couple of cool magazines to get some pics from.  I'll give you a hint...his bathroom is brown and black and has photos of various classic rock stars, album covers and guitars. 

I made myself a little Valentine Dish that is on my nightstand and I really have liked it being there.  It holds my Mentholatum (which I use constantly on my lips, feet, etc. - a miracle ointment) and if I have my Sleepytime tea at bedtime it holds my mug. Since Vday is almost here and gone I made a nice little St. Paddy one to take it's place.

I popped several coats of mod podge of this and then sprayed very heavy with the acrylic spray too. By the way you really should use that spray paint outside, it's a little smelly in my craft room. I used several strips of paper and cut them in strips.  I normally put the paper on the bottom but this plate wasn't cooperating so I placed them on top.  I like it very much and I've already found some Easter paper for my next holiday project.  I also put a big piece of felt on the bottom of this one since it will be on my wood nightstand.  

I apologize for the weirdness in the background of the pictures but like I said, I was too lazy to go get the camera downstairs.  :0)

Enjoy your weekend, ours is going to be gorgeous and I hope yours will be too!

Peace, Love and Yummies

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