Friday, February 25, 2011

Luscious beach food!

Hi Dee Ho my peeps!  It was a beeyouteefull day here in Ft Walton Beach, Florida.  I thought I'd give you guys a peek at some of the goodness of food substances we've been enjoying!

This was our dinner stop after arriving late yesterday.  Lucky us we  arrived in time for happy hour

this was Erica..she was a cutie and super nice and after she brought us drinks

she brought us this

oh my waking soul. I am a bona fide pizza lovin' fool and this was quite possibly the tastiest I've ever had the joy of scarfing down!  If you are in this area and want some here! You will thank me!

Today for lunch we stopped at a little spot on the bay called Fish Lipz
Love that name!

I had the blackened Mahi with sweet potato fries 

Hubster had the crawfish po' boy and rice pilaf 

this view came with the meal for free!
Yeah I know... tough life I'm living right now!
oh and the food just as tasty as the view!

So for dinner we stopped at a little place called The Shed.  BBQ is the specialty
and it was awesome!!  I had the pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw and pickles.
Hubster and I both had the G-maw's beans and Chuck's Baked potato salad. Beans were good but hubster said mine were just as good (I know...sometimes he is sooo sweet!) but that potato salad...great googly moogly!!!  Awesome beyond awesome!!  If you are down here and need a seafood break at mealtime and bbq fits the bill...head over to the Shed and taste that tater salad for yourself!!!

well I am trying to get the hubster to come on and hit the hot tub before they close so I'll be back soon with more adventures of the beach and food. It's all in the name of research you know!!!    
Hey, how else do I recommend places to our lovely vacation renters??!!!  :0)

Peace, Love and beachy Yummies!!!

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